Decluttering in the New Year

Holiday hustle is starting to wind down, the ball has dropped to ring in a new season. Now is the time to make a clean slate, starting with your closet. Unless you’re a minimalist there is work to be done. Clean space, clean mind to bring forth new ideas in this new year.

  1. Declutter the bedroom to create room for organizational chaos.
  2. Dust everything from shelves to ceiling fan blades.


Closest/ Dresser drawers time! In with the new out with the old.

  • Get rid of anything you do not remember owning or have not worn in over a year.
  • *If the items are usable donate or sell online.
  • Check for stains or rips. Clothing is often thrown into the wash where it is forgotten   that there was a spill the night or week prior. Zout is my go to for stains, sold in most stores like Target.
  • Organize by item type (dress, top, bottom), then by weight, then by color.


Shoe CPR. They’ve seen it all: dirt, crumbs, grease and everything in between which cause shoes to look thrashed overtime. Bring them back to life by showing them some love.

  1. Soap & Water. Gently scrub delicate shoes (high heels, boots).
  2. Washing Machine. Depending on the type of washer. (for most sneakers)
  3. Nail Polish remover (acetone). Place a bit of acetone on a paper towel, scrub the rubber parts of the shoe. Warning: do not use on colored shoes as it will take off the color. I use this for Converse but never on the canvas part of the shoe.
  4. After the shoe is clean, wash or replace shoe laces.


Makeup. Just like anything else makeup expires. Experts have stated that the following guide is the maximum lifespan of each product.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.02.26 PM

Makeup Source:

Cruel, J. (2017, October 2). Chances are you used expired mascara this morning. In Popsugar. Retrieved from

3 thoughts on “Decluttering in the New Year

    1. I have as well! Ha. Until doing research on the subject, I had no idea that its lifespan was so small. Since mascara goes so close to the eye, my new go to is to throw it out after battling any cold or illness.


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