Fall Bucket List for Fashionistas

Food & Outdoors

  • Pick Apples
  • Bake Pumpkin Seeds:
  • Bike Ride Coffee Date
  • Walk Among the Leaves
    • Bring a camera to take pictures of the leaves change. Ask your best friend to go on a walk talk.
  • Fall Treat Baking Contest
    • Make it interesting by giving your friends or family a set of guidelines. For instance the treat must include either pumpkin or apples. Also make sure to add that it not be store bought as that ruins the fun.  Everyone gets to vote for their favorite but may not choose themselves. Winner receives a ribbon or prize of your choosing.


  • Fall Nail Deco
    • Search on Pinterest for some inspiration. Ideas range from leafs, animals, orange, green, skeletons, sparkles and more.
  • Knit Legwarmers
  • D.I.Y./ Paint Pumpkins
  • Revamp an Old Sweater
    • Add creative elbow patches, studs, ribbons or lace trims to create your favorite sweater of the season.
  • Take Cute Pics with the Leaves

Friends & Fun

  • Girls Trip Shopping
  • Fall/Harvest Festival
    • Buy crafts, take pictures in the orchards, and create memories with loved ones while enjoying fresh food.
  • Costume Themed Game Night
    • Pick a theme or not depending on what you fancy. Have everyone put in $1 or buy a prize yourself for the winner of the costume contest. Play your favorite game or have a dinner with monster mash dancing.
  • Attempt a Fall Makeup Tutorial
  • Pick Out Matching Couples Outfits
    • Two is better than one right? Pick out a matching shirt or entire outfit with your best friend. If you are matching your boyfriend or girlfriend try to make it cater to each of your personal styles. There is nothing worse then being that couple that matches but one or the other of you look miserable. For instance, instead of going matchy matchy make it a matching shirt with a skirt for her and jeans for him.
Take this bucket list with you by simply clicking on the image above.
Art by: Breana Faith


What is on your fall fashionista bucket list?

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