Health Reset Challenge

As a fashion/ lifestyle blogger focusing on the full circle of health is extremely important. Mental health affects the fashion, beauty and physical aspects of our life. For this health reset challenge, it will be different from person to person.


If you are longing to lose or gain weight, there is no golden ticket answer. My intention is to show you a different perspective when it comes to creating goals to change your appearance from the inside out. Experiment, working out is challenging especially if you dread how you are doing it. If you do not know what you enjoy, stick your toe in the water. Try dance lessons, Zumba, water aerobics, rock climbing, a sport, biking, yoga;  there are so many options besides that dumb old boring treadmill. “I can’t do it.” My mind often reverts too, it’s okay to just tell yourself I will try my best. So, what if you are rubbish at it, everyone is at the first go around. It is a personal journey, you are not training to be a professional. Do it for yourself.


Yes, eating healthy is amazing and does wonders for your body. That being said do not put yourself in a box where you can no longer enjoy a sweet or Thanksgiving dinner with your family. Moderation, but also self-love is key. This is not an instant thing that is learned over night, it is a daily check in. Take the time to listen to your body. Are you doing something for negative reasons, are you reacting to your emotions? Change it up, figure out what works best for your body.

Personal Journey

Plyo training is what I have tried in the past, however, it became too painful so I stopped everything. This time I am trying four days of yoga/ stretching and three focus days. Focus days will include one day for arms, another for legs, and lastly an abs/back day. These types of exercises will vary between ballet, pilates, and low impact exercises.

Nutrition will be a bit of an experiment, the goal is to stick to homemade meals. If I desire something sweet, I will have something just not every single day. Eating out will require more effort to lean towards healthier alternatives on the menu which is still very doable. Overall, my goal is not to restrict myself but to be more mindful. If you are interested in viewing workouts, meals or anything regarding my reset journey comment below.

How to See Your Progress

We’ve all been there, you start your journey eating right and working out so you start the daily hop and flop with the scale. I’m positive you’ve heard that the scale is not the best way to measure your progress, but I’m going to tell you again. Yes, you can still use a scale, however, it does not tell you the full story of what is happening with your body. Your gaining muscle which weighs more than the fat that you’ve burned which may make you weigh more than you started with. Try using multiple methods to track your progress, the scale if you must, take photos and measurements of your body in the same outfit every time.

Measurements can seem daunting which is why I’ve created a printable to help. Fill out the chart on a biweekly basis. Start with two goals, do not put lose x amount of pounds or weight in general. Be specific, for instance to touch your toes, do twenty pushups in a row, run a mile in a certain time, eat two servings of veggies a day etc.

Once you fill out your goals, write down the start date under week #1, in the photo row you will make a check mark once you take the photo of yourself for that week. After the photo you will move on to taking your measurements, using a tape measure. R & L stand for right and left which are used for the biceps and thighs, since you have two of each, you’ll need to measure both to make sure you are symmetrical. At the bottom I have included some helpful notes on where to place the measuring tape for certain areas such as the chest, waist, and hips which can be a bit tricky.

The Challenge

Download the health reset printable. This does not require any email subscription or personal information, just one click. All I ask is that you tag me on Instagram or any posts regarding the printable, so I can cheer you on.

Use the health reset printable for six weeks to track your progress to reach your personal goal. For these six weeks you are changing your routine, to see physical and mental results. If you miss a day or whatever, do not quit. Life happens, some days you will not want to do the activity and that is okay. The key is to listen to your body, if it says to rest, then rest.

Health Reset Printable.

Tag me on Instagram @maddieautumn_faith, with your printable.
Comment down below, what your goals are for the reset challenge.

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