Life Update |Why I’ve been Gone.

A lot has changed in the past couple of months, including moving out for the first time. Needless to say it has been a little stressful at times. Now that I feel somewhat settled I thought it was time to update you all on why I dropped off the internet for a month.

The Move

It’s been a draining process to say the least with moving out for the first time to a new city where everything seems very different from home. The people, the prices, the weather, the roads, the entire system of society here is new. Well I’m not going to candy coat it I’ve learned a lot in this short amount of time in this strange place and I plan on sharing some of them with you soon. Things such as what to look out for when moving out for the first time and how to mentally progress in the process.

The Shiny

Truth moment yes, I got engaged which is exciting in every way but it was not a surprise by any means. While I realize many people who get engaged have some kind of hunch prior to the event mine was more than that. In order for me to feel confident in moving we discussed that we would first get engaged. With that being said there were multiple discussions before this stipulation was placed into the universe. We’d been dating for four years and discussed the idea of marriage within the first couple of months. Nevertheless it was a special moment.

The Place

Whenever I am browsing through YouTube I tend to gravitate towards the Big Life Tiny House tours and really any other kind of house tour. Which is why I wanted to document our first place before it was finished. This is what the apartment looked like the first week I moved in. There were a lot of issues prior to moving which I will discuss with you in incoming content for things to look out for when searching for a place. Things I did not even think of before and I did a lot of research online with Pinterest and other sites. Anyway, check it out below to see the apartment, it’s a cross between a tiny house and regular sized apartment. At least that is what we like to say since there is minimal space.

Have you moved out yet?

XOXO Faith

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