Surprise Package

Honestly February is a bitter sweet month filled of perfection expectations. It is easy to forget that showing love is not just permitted to one day of the year, Valentine’s day. Instead of stressing about one upping each other on what your sweetheart got you compared to your friends, take a step back. Remember all the things they do for you the other 364 days of the year. Have you been showing love too? This “holiday” should be used as an evaluation to check in on how you personally are making others feel special. Another thing that annoys me about this holiday is that it focuses on romantic relations instead of all relationships. This month’s focus is love for self, mister, sister, brother, friends and family.

Plan a surprise for your best friend, sister, mister, parents or anyone who you want to know how much they mean to you. My sister is always on top of her game when it comes to making people feel special. Whether it be the first day of school, Easter, or a retirement, she always thinks of something. Put together items that person loves, maybe something they have been wanting to try or something you think fits their personality.

For: Jessie (boyfriend)
Reason: School Mini Energy Pack
   Yes, I would have gotten him more of his favorite pens but that was the last pack they had (I tried 3 stores). Cliff Bars for when the lines are too long on campus and he forgets a snack. Red Bull for late night study session at home or on campus. Fun fact; our university does not sell Red Bulls. Portable Phone Charger for when his phone dies on campus. (He likes camels, closest I could find was a llama. Plus it says no Prob-llama. Ha.)


Received: From Sister
Reason: Last first day of university.
Fitness items: Tone it Up Book, Arm Band
Snack items: Trail Mix, Chewy bites, Lara Bars, Hello Salted Caramel
Health items: Motivational tissues, Cleaning Wipes, First Aid Kit, Clorox Wipes, Animalz face mask (tiger)







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