Things to Do- Summer Edition

Things to do

Beach Day
Car Museum: Any museum or gallery that interests you.
Challenge Videos: yoga challenge, music challenge etc.
Cook for your Family
D.I.Y. Video: Search youtube or Pinterest for a project to try.
Dance Lesson: Either professional lessons, a dvd, or youtube videos.
Go Kart Racing
Groupon: Search for something in your area to do at a discounted rate.
Ice Cream: Wether you are vegan, dairy free or whatever many ice cream shops are starting be accomidating. Icicles is one that I know of that has dairy free options.
Ice Skating: Last year for my birthday we went to an indoor ice skating rink, it was way too hot to do anything outdoors. It is not just for the winter season.
Night Dancing: Check out places locally, in my area there is a place that has salsa dancing, western dance, etc. nights. It is a restaurant/ bar type of place, so no you do not have to be 21, it’s not a club theme night type of event. At the one here they have an instructor teach you a few steps too. Costs about $6 at the door.
Paint Nite: No, you do not have to be an expert to enjoy paint nite events. Coordinate schedules with a couple of friends and enjoy drinks, food, and painting. An instructor walks you through how to paint the photo you choose. You do not need to be 21, however, if you are they do discounted alcoholic drinks. Search Groupon or sign up for their mailing list prior to receive a discount. Tickets can be as low as $27, includes paint lesson, and paint supplies.
Read a Book
Rock Climbing
Rollar Skating
Smore’s Inside/ Out
Try a New Food or Recipe
Try a New Hobby
Video Games
Weekend /Day Trip


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