Blueland Review

Earth friendly products have been in the forefront of the media for a majority of this year and lately Blueland has been buzzing. Blueland is a company that prides themselves on creating a product that is sustainable inside and out down to the packaging. It is all about reducing plastic and recycling cleaning supply containers. The formula itself gloats on its ability to be not only eco friendly but also pet friendly, pregnancy friendly, and kid friendly. A concept of a tablet to eliminate dumping bottle after bottle into the landfill is a relatively new one yet is it worth it to make the switch?

I’ll admit the idea of not having to put multiple cleaning products under my tiny sink hooked me into buying the starter kit at a mere $29. Now the cost has gone up to $38, however, the company has introduced yet another product, the hand soap which is now included along with the original set of three. Refill tablets cost $6 for three or $14 for nine, either way each additional bottle cost two dollars or less. Compared to traditional products this is a competitive edge as it cost less for the refills than it would to buy traditional products in the long run. Not to mention natural products usually have a higher price-point so it is nice to see that they are catering to the general public rather than just the earth friendly club that is willing to pay more for the trees.

The ultimate issue with natural products seems to be that they get a bad rep for not doing the job to the same standards as the traditional product did to begin with. Can it clean off stuck on residue? Does it smell “earth friendly”? Will my toilet be just as clean or just kind of clean? What about bacteria from raw meat or salmonella?

Watch the video below to see how to use Blueland products as well as some key information on how they hold up after using them as a solitary cleaning team for a month.

Spoiler Bonus Results:

I did not touch on this during the video, however, I did some research on Blueland and came to the realization that their cleaning solutions are not antibacterial. With that said, the company claims on their website that it has not been proven that non-antibacterial cleaners do not clean as well as antibacterial ones. This makes me feel a little fuzzy honestly and I will definitely be keeping some Clorox wipes on hand for cleaning up raw meat spills and such from the kitchen counter.

After using the Blueland products for a month I would say they have held up as well as if not better than traditional cleaners. Even the toilet has not needed any additional chemicals which shocked me. No bleach in this household muahaha!

If you watched the video, I will keep you guys posted on what the company says once I reach out to them.

Have you tried non traditional house cleaners? If not why?

XOXO Faith

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