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For the last post for January of this new year, 2019 I wanted to check in with you all. How are you doing with those resolutions? Let me know in the comments what they are and how the first month went.

Personally some of mine have done well while others have faded into the background seizing to surface until next New Year’s eve. Anyone else feel the same? Don’t get me wrong, my resolutions were made with a purpose, I even took the time to figure out how to execute them all. So… why did they all not succeed this first month?


When changing or forming habits some studies have shown that it is best to add one at a time. Pervious to this month I thought I could definitely concur more than one as long as I did not exceed five. The more I thought about it I decided that my resolutions should not revolve around a pass or fail in a year stand point. Rather my goals needed a deadline and a way to track the progress. I am a type A person which means lists, organization and a reward system make me happy so to say.

If you are like me and find fulfillment out of lists download my free goal trackers below. Both trackers are included in one pdf file.

Goal Progress Trackers. pdf


How it works

#1 : The Fitness Tracker

screen shot 2019-01-21 at 12.13.32 pm

Since a lot of people focus on health and wellness the first one is a fitness tracker. This tracker is intended for physical fitness practices as you can see. It contains various focus groups to keep track of for the month. Instead of using a regular calendar the tracker will provide data for how many times you went on a run or practiced yoga for example, each month. Simply add a tally mark each time in the proper box.

Side note: If you would like to track your weight loss or gain physically with more than just the numbers on the scale check out the free printable I created a while back in this post

#2 : The Generic Goal Tacker

screen shot 2019-01-21 at 12.13.47 pm

The generic goal tracker provides space to write in five different goals along the top. Similar to the fitness tacker this is a tally mark system as well, or small star stickers, whatever works best for you. There space that goes all the way through the year for each goal.

Another way to use this tracker is provide deadlines for yourself. For example one of my goals is to start a new job. I can give myself a deadline for gathering information, the interview process etc. Another instance is with my goal to read the Bible would be to write each month what stories/ passages I want to focus on. This makes the goal less overwhelming.

I hope this tips and trackers help you out with your goals this year. If you have any questions please let me know.

Love Faith

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