Stationery Haul: Back to School

While I am not a summer person, the best part of this time of year is back to school season. I love stationery, organizing and planing. This is the one time a year where supplies are at their lowest price with all the crazy back to school sales. Not to mention it is when supplies get a facelift from the usual dull office supplies section. Why is that?

To start off, a planner is a must have for everyone whether you are going back to school, working etc. Happy Planner by Create 365 is easier to use as the pages can be removed and added to make it easier to write close to the binding or make the load a little lighter by removing some months. A classy cover is the perfect way to keep all your plans secure on the go. As seen above, mine is this pretty mint green that says “Get Chic Done” in gold, it is a pleather material that feels smooth, easy to clean and effortless stylish.


Inside of the planner is an elastic to hold a pen and pockets on both sleeves to hold stickers, extra notes or anything really. Accessories to think about for a fun planner experience are magnetic bookmarks (on left), I prefer the clear bookmark over the magnetic but they are cuter. Adding this clear pouch has been a life changer as it holds little notes, and business cards. These are not all part of the Create 365 line as the planner is, however, they probably do sell something similar. It is a little cheaper to buy the generic ones but you must have the Create 365 hole punch when adding dividers or the clear pouch shown above. It does not bother me that they have both regular binder holes and the Happy Planner holes since they are clear but it is something to think about.

In addition to a planner I use this hard cover notebook clipboard and shark pencil case both from Target. Without a doubt the absolute best pens are the uni-ball Signo color pack or the Pilot G-2 07. I know I should use drawing pencils but I prefer the Ticonderoga black #2 pencils for notes, sketching everything. Whiteout is also handy to keep in your pencil case, as plans are always changing.


Pictured are more accessories to add an extra touch of uniqueness; sticky notes are a must if nothing else. They are good for extra notes, a reminder or even to coordinate plans that are subject to change. In this close up shot you can see how the pages rip out as well as what it looks like after converting items for the Happy Planner (ruler).


The absolute best part of being a planner addict is all the ways you can create and customize your weekly spreads. Above are the stickers I have collected over a couple of years. A Create 365 pack is worth about $20 but, they do go on sale a couple of times a year for $10 at Michaels so keep an eye out. Sticker packs are custom to your interests for instance, fitness, seasonal, student, and daily tasks are just some of the sticker booklet options. On the right are stickers from various stores and brands; pick the ones that truly mirror your personality. As you can tell I’m a bit on the girlie side.

Centered is the cover of my Happy Planner that says ” Hooray for Today”. I ordered mine online at, however, now this exact one is at Michaels. If this one seems a bit too large for your day to day there are also mini planners.

I would recommend doing a kit if it is your first time using a Happy Planner, it includes the planner, some accessories (washi tape, pens, bookmarks etc.), and stickers for about $35. Michaels sells the Happy Planner too so screenshot those coupons prior to your visit and pick up a Happy Planner.

Comment down below, 
if you are a planner addict or thinking about joining the club. :)

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