Step into the season, a time of newness. Months, weeks, days that may be hard could be right around the corner that cannot be controlled, but the ability to react can be. Step back breathe, realize that people are nearer then they feel when the walls seem to close in. Times of happiness will come that bring tears and bellyaches of joy. It’s the time to review how far you’ve come in this year of 2017 and how far you wish to climb in 2018.

If accomplishing the resolutions from last year fell short, try, try, try again. Take a look at not only what, but also how to make the resolution happen. For instance, I want to finish college this year. This is an attainable goal as currently I am a senior in my program and already enrolled in courses for the semester to come.

Fitness (weight loss) is a popular goal which often ends after a couple of weeks of hard core dedication. Creating a plan with mini goals is key for any goal, especially fitness. Start with committing to walking one mile with a furry friend or ear buds. Work up to running, dancing, weight training, etc. Find a form of fitness that doesn’t feel like a punishment, experiment. Figure out what motivates you, cute workout gear, a trainer, friends, following fitness accounts on social media etc. Stick to language that is positive such as gain strength instead of lose weight or eat more fruits and vegetables instead of do not eat sugary foods. Remember to be understanding, if you stray from your goals do not throw in the towel.

Quick Key for Goals

  • Attainable/ Practical
  • Make a Plan
  • Positive Language
  • Be Understanding with Yourself

Do not create too many goals as it will feel overwhelmingly difficult to keep track of them. For me, a good number would be four goals to set at one time. Depending on the type of goals you wish to accomplish will also help determine a good number to have at one time. If there are a lot of resolutions you wish to have, spread them out throughout the year.

My Resolutions

  • Receive B.S. degree
  • Interview for a job + get hired
  • Start a blog + be consistent
  • Increase flexibility + strength

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