Healthy Snacks | Easy

Before we dive into the actual snacks I want clarify my standards when it comes to defining a healthy snack verses a non-healthy one. First and foremost, it must have REAL  ingredients and be in nonlinguistic terms. In other words, I should be able to read the ingredients list without feeling as if I am at a national spelling bee. Companies use complicated verbiage to confuse you. Did you know there are more than three terms used to identify regular sugar on a standard ingredient list? If you cannot read the ingredients, yes you can google them, however, you should not have to.

Also consider being your own detective, you know your body best. Carbs, butter and yes sugar are not 100% bad for you. Fat free also does not mean it is a healthy food either. Ask yourself are the sugars real or are additives being used.

There are two types of snacks in general, ones that are travel friendly and those that are not. As a snack lover I am sharing my favorites of both. Do not worry, even though some of them do require prep time it is very minimal. Also, find out the raw facts of what ingredients are used in all of them.

Let me know what your favorite health snack is in the comments.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed nutritionist or dietitian. 

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