Facing Anxiety | Winter Vacation

First and foremost I would like to apologize for missing last Saturday’s post day. I scheduled to post a youtube video on my top packing tips but it seemed too blah. Anyway  let’s talk about anxiety.

A few months ago I received an opportunity which I would normally say no to. Tired of saying no, I said yes. It was a trip to Nevada with my best friend for his work. Prior to the trip I had planned to vlog the experience but it didn’t work out, sorry loves. The camera was fogging up due to the snow fall, it was a whole thing. Life is full of trial and error my friends.

Check in Day|Friday

We left late, later than I ever anticipated but man were the trees beautiful with their white frosty branches. Arriving in town I was a bit anxious, it was a lot to take in, the lights, the buildings, EVERYTHING. At this point I suggested taking a step back to grab a bite to eat before heading to the hotel.

After grabbing our food we headed over to the hotel or master hotel town if you’d rather. If you’ve been to the Silver Legacy Hotel or Circus Circus you’ll know what I am talking about. On the eighth floor we finally found a parking spot, since it was a rental it was a rather larger car than we were used to. This is where the challenge started as my anxiety stems from small spaces, especially elevators. We went down to the lobby to check in only to find out that it was the warm up for our stay on the fourteenth floor.


Day #1 | Ultimate Challenge

The whole trip circled this main event that jumped my heart, an escape room. This is the ultimate challenge for clostrophobic people, in my book. To be stuck in a room, on purpose. The rooms varied in theme from being handcuffed to haunted rooms to comic book shops. Mine happened to be haunted, but before I even knew that I checked out.

My heart beat so fast I was scared I would ruin the whole experience for everyone else. He, my friend is the type that would actually enjoy being handcuffed for the pure thrill of a challenge. I waited in the lobby beating myself up, thinking of what a coward I was. It was only sixty minutes after all. Then I thought about the fact of how I did take a big step already with even going on the trip. Taking elevators, being in a new state, completely out of my comfort zone.

If you relate, this is the moment I either let this one set me back, ruin the rest of the trip mentally for me or keep walking forward, my choice. I kept walking forward. The rest of the day was fun shopping, playing games, and eating way too much yummy food.


Day #2 | The Ending

On the drive back home we stopped in this little place. Instead of describing it to you I’ll just show you.




I love the snow, the crisp air on your nose, the view, it’s all so breathtaking. Why am I sharing this small victory? Well it’s the journey more than oh I did it all, I wanted to share that yes, it is not easy but every step counts. Be patient with yourself and with others you know that are going through hard experiences. It is hard for others to gage how hard it is mentally for those battling anxiety so try to be more open.

Comment down below if you've ever participated in an escape room?

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