Memory Lifeline 

Apple products are a blessing but also a curse when you do not own only Apple products. This little guy takes away the constant headache of having an android and a MacBook. Even if an Apple product isn’t slowing you down it is a fairly simple way to share multiple photos with others on the go quickly. Before using this device I recommend charging the phone, as it drains battery life when downloading over a hundred photos. I learned this the hard way after attempting to pick and choose certain photos I wanted to transfer (well over 1,000).

Device: SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 ($10-14) 16GB – 32GB  @Target, Office Depot etc.

[STEP 1] Simply slide the side knob to open the android port, connect it to your phone.
[STEP 2] Open up “My Files” on phone. Select “images”, “audio”, etc. start selection items to transfer.
[STEP 3] Next select the three dots on the right side of the device selection “Move” or “Copy” to move the files.
[STEP 4] A window should pop up with options on where to put the files, select “USB storage…”. Wait for it to finish loading before disconnecting.
[STEP 5] Switch the knob to the other side to access the USB drive. Connect the USB to your MacBook, and WHALLA!

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