Budgeting 101| Freebie

Adulting always seems as if you’ll be jumping into this magical fairy tale where you get to paint the walls without permission. Then you get there and realize all the negatives that align with them such as figuring out how to afford all the paint.ha. I’ve learned a lot in a short window of time but budgeting has always been a part of me, it’s fun. A game you cannot afford to lose, quite literally.

Although yes, there are several templates online for budgeting they all did not meet my needs. There’s the family budget where all income is combined and distributed to the various fields it is needed at. The personal  budget where you get to carry the entire load, ick. I wanted something in-between that would track two incomes while providing the data of a personal budget. All while visually stating that our bills were being paid without bouncing from various spreadsheets.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 3.17.59 PM
The data above is strictly an example, all numbers were put into the spreadsheet randomly. This is not an example of a month of my personal expenses.

Why not combine them? What is mine is yours right? Not exactly, although I am engaged now, I do not feel it is fair to look at finances as a joint effort at this stage. My reasoning behind this is the fact that my fiancee makes a significantly higher salary, while I am still currently filling out paperwork to start a part time position.

Separating finances makes sense at this stage and makes it easier to spend without feeling guilty. If I want a pair of shoes I don’t need to ask permission, I simply take a peek at how much I have left over after expenses are met. At the end of the month both expenses and extras will be carried over to a yearly spreadsheet to go towards future goals.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 3.17.10 PM
The first month is filled out randomly for visual purposes.

Something missing? Download the template for free, no email or personal info required, simply click. This is an excel template which means it is specifically formulated. If you have any questions on how to customize it to fit your needs simply leave a comment or message me privately. 🙂   Download | Easy as Pie Budget Template!

I realize not everyone has a bulk of their household expenses included in their rent so do not hesitate to ask if you need assistance altering the template to meet your needs.

XOXO Faith

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