Lavender Festival

The California heat is definitely here! To start off the summer I headed to a festival with a couple of people. It was a first time experience, the Lavender Festival is something I would consider exploring for a second time, perhaps if the weather is not in the triple digits. Vendors offered all natural and homemade products and plants. Animals ranging from bees to sheep were there for viewing as well as to promote local business. Delicious bites were plentiful to snack on and keep cool.

A fashion truck, which I’ve heard of but never experienced until this festival. It was pretty unique, gives consumers a different vibe. Overall, I was surprised at how well it was designed. Have any of you experienced a fashion truck? I’m curious to know what your feelings are towards them versus traditional and online retailers.

Yet another new experience at this festival was getting a Henna tatoo. It adds an extra element to your style, without being permanent.

Lavender is known for being a natural mosquito/bug replant, helps aid against minor burns and as an essential oil it is used as a coping mechanism for anxiety, depression and more. These are just some things I have learned about the beauty behind lavender.

Comment Down below. What are you looking forward to this summer? (:

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