The Secret to Successful Resolutions | 2019

Happy New Year!

Who else feels like the holiday season went by too fast? To kick off the new year I want to do a bit of self reflection regarding resolutions. For starters this was the first type of post I published on this website, crazy to think it has been a year. Every blogger, youtube, content creator, well most focus on goal setting for the new year. How to make your goals surpass the February crash. We’ve all seen those memes of the gym mirroring a Black Friday sale in January and emptying by Valentines day. Ugh!

2018 Resolutions Review

  • Receive B.S. degree 
  • Interview for a job ✓ + get hired
  • Start a blog + be consistent
  • Increase flexibility + strength

Hmm… well 65% would be my personal rating on how I did last year. Major accomplishments include: graduating, actually walking with hundreds of graduates for the ceremony, first real interview, first job rejection, blogged 80% consistently, started filming youtube videos, and my first vacation without “adults” (yes, I am aware I am a legal adult but you get what I mean).

How to Succeed in 2019

I challenge you to flash back to 2018’s resolutions, I want to know what they were and how you did. Let’s talk about why they were successful and what could make them better this year. Also, what are your 2019 resolutions?

One thing I have been working on over the last couple of months is altering negative self talk into a learning aspect. So, why did some of my resolutions fail while others succeeded. For starters, my degree succeeded because I signed up for classes, I made a schedule to do the work. Blogging was a bit of an up and down that started to become more consistent because I blocked out time for it. The interview happened because I took a risk for failure. All of them happened when I created a plan plus schedule to accomplish them.

Some people believe things will happen if they are meant to be. On the contrary, I believe things happen because you make them happen in combination with fate. If you do not plan, you basically plan to fail. It takes time and patience so give yourself time. Do the research, pencil in the steps to accomplish your goals so by this time in 2020 you can check off all your resolutions.

2019 Resolutions

  • Read the Bible
  • Start a New Job
  • Grow the Blog
  • Increase Flexibility + Strength


Best wishes lovelies,




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