Poshmark – Mercari Resale Tips & Tricks

Over the past year I have tried my hand at reselling clothes and various items. Currently, I’ve sold over sixty items! As time has progressed so have my strategies of creating quality listings. Below are my top tips for creating listings that leave viewers with all the information they need in order to purchase your items with confidence. One thing I would not recommend wasting your time with is creating a fluffy description. Instead fill the description section with essential information. I have created a cheat sheet list down below of what I recommend putting in the description section. Also use these tips to up your photography skills for flat lays and more. If you would like to see how I edit my photos for listings please let me know. (:

Cheat Sheet List

Clean it Up

  1. Baby Wipe: Small stains, dust, and dirt.
  2. Vacuum: Bags
  3. Steamer: Get rid of wrinkles without a clunky ironing board.

Notes Check List

  1. Measurements: Bust, Length, Waist, Width…
  2. Type of closure: Buttons, Zipper, Velcro…
  3. Fabric Contents: Cotton, Polyester…
  4. Brand
  5. Type of use: Tags Attached, Worn Once, Never Worn but No Tags 
  6. Any Flaws (if any): Scuff Mark on Right Shoe


  1. Flat Lays: Wrapping Paper makes a crisp white background and even fun prints like faux wood.
  2. Vertical Photos: Try a wire hanger as a custom door hook to hang up any item.

XOXO Faith

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