Secret Santa Questionnaire | Free Printable

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I know some people cringe to endure anything Christmas related prior to the day after Thanksgiving but hear me out. All your family and loved ones will be gathered together around the table spreading thankful thoughts. Why not show people how grateful you are for them by putting together a secret Santa questionnaire. This will make things easier for others and yourself since people will not be back together until Christmas.

Hand them out to the kiddos while the adults are prepping the dinner table or fill them out as a group while lounging off a food coma. This way before everyone leaves you can have a drawing so people know who their shopping for. Not a fan of secret Santa? Use the list to help you find out what your loved ones really need / want.




Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 5.01.37 PM.png
Download Printable —> Secret Santa Questionnaire



I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving full of laughter.

Comment down below, what your favorite dish is for the holidays.

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