Free Cardio Dance Workout

Figuring out how to fit in a workout can be tricky, as well as finding an activity you do not dread to do. I’ve always loved dance, so after graduating I have been contemplating enrolling in more classes. While you can always put in headphones and dance around the room, I however enjoy structured dancing. Recently, I stumbled upon The Fitness Marshall’s youtube channel. He uploads dance videos to popular music by various artists such as; Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Flo Rida, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande.

Caleb’s energy is infectious making you look forward to sweating it out. He recommends doing two warm up videos, eight main workout videos, and one cool down video. I personally do my own warm up and use his videos as part of my cardio between sets to keep my heartrate up. When I am stressed or anxious his videos always lift my spirits. Check out his channel to not only boost your mood but also get in some cardio.

Do you like to dance?


Sparkly Hair Bow: Claire’s

Hand-painted Leotard: Amazon

Bootie Shorts: Victoria Secret Pink

White Shoes: Nike

Favorite Dance Workout Playlist

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