Treat Yourself

While February is known as the month of love, people too often forget to love themselves. School is starting to crack down on assignments to be done with midterms crawling their way towards us. Whatever your kryptonite, here are some ways to destress without breaking the bank, and skip that pricy massage you tell yourself you want, but never make the time for As a fellow broke college student, I got you.



Bubble Bath– with a book or podcast

Dance– Pop in some headphones (cordless preferred) and dance around your room.

Face Mask– Match with some headphones to relax at the end of the day before conquering the rest of your evening tasks. Remember to clean your face before using a facemask in order to prevent breakouts.

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Games– Break out that Gameboy or borrow someone’s game system. Remember how much fun it was being a kid. Forget all responsibilities for a certain block of time.

Netflix– pair with your favorite snack

Online Shopping– Yes, this can become pricy fast but you do not have to buy anything. Simply browse what’s new at your favorite shops. If you have a reputation of being a shopaholic, skip this idea.


Paint your Nails– Create a playlist to sing along to as you paint



Yoga– Meditation can seem intimidating but it can be as easy as focusing on your breath. Breath in for four seconds, hold for four seconds, breathe out for four seconds, hold for four seconds and repeat. (Modify the amount of time that is most comfortable for you; it is important that each interval be completed for an equal amount of time though.) Watch a Youtube video on meditation or a yoga flow to follow or create your own.




Coffee Date– Set an appointment with a friend to talk about anything but work. Grab a coloring book and create something. Talk about celebrity gossip.

Car Talk– Text a friend to pick you up or pick them up. Drive around, admire the stars and catch up. If something is pulling you down ask for “a moment of real talk” to express any emotion you feel without judgment. Complain, scream or even cry for a certain amount of time in order to feel heard or receive advice.

Group Meetup: Invite some friends to go out whether it be for arcade games, bowling or brews. I personally do not drink alcohol but, when I do go out with friends to a bar it is still a fun time. Look for places that offer more than just alcohol. Bars that have billiard tables, classic arcade games, dancing, golf or even real mermaids.

Massage– ask your significant other, close friend, or purchase a back massager





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