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This week I wanted to test myself mentally and I encourage you to do the same if you have been in a slump as well. There is no right or wrong way to do this either, so tweak it as much as you need to. My test was to set two goals and see how I would respond to them knowing that I was making myself accountable by thus throwing the data on the internet. If this is too drastic tell a friend daily or have a weekly log in instead. This is to motivate you as well as myself. I also have provided some resources to check out if your goals are similar to mine.

Goal # 1: Learning A Language

logo-with-duo.pngI committed to spend 15 minutes at the minimum practicing my Spanish. For this I made it really easy by allowing myself to lay in bed in the morning and practice with the duolingo app (it is free). They do sectional learning so one day it may be focused on traveling or family vocabulary. They also have a function that tells you a mini story in Spanish aloud and then it has questions throughout it to focus on learning comprehension.

To further progress I started writing down the main words of each lesson everyday as well as words that I struggled with that day. Another good thing about this app besides it being free is the fact that it listens to you while you practice speaking certain phrases.

I actually kept this goal by doing it every day! It was more attainable because I set a time to do it every morning as well as I knew it was only 15minutes. Little goals like this make a difference.  It was daunting for me to set the bar by carving out an entire hour which is why I made it only 15 minutes. Most days I even went over the time frame.

The app has several different languages to choose from so check it out if you want to learn another language.

Goal #2: Physical

bright close up color colorful

Towards the beginning of the week I took the time to write down five full workouts to complete within the week. In the log, I included an area to write down the number of rounds as well as if I completed the outlined warmup each day. Instead of feeling tiown to this schedule I knew there would most likely be something or another that would alter it so I went in with the mindset of Dana. She is an Instagram influencer that preaches a one round philosophy. You always have time to do one round and often times that one round turns into more. She has several workout videos to follow along and to top it off they are minimal impact so no jumping or running required.

So… how’d I do, well not the best but not the worst. Instead of highlighting all the excuses my head came up with this week to talk myself out of working out here are the actual facts and sets I completed. I have included a link to each workout I completed; simply click on the set name to be directed to that specific workout by Dana. A plus means I added or changed a move.

Sunday: Nope.


I combined Sunday’s with Monday’s, it was killer. For all the exercises, I used my ankle weights as dumbbells.

Warm Up: 20 Modified Slow Mt. Climbers. 20 Side Dips. 20 Modified Commandos. 20 Alternating Reverse Lunches to High Knee. 10 Squat Taps.

Chest Set: 30 Squat Hold Alternating Punches…15 Laying Around the World…15 Chest Press…15 Push Ups…15 Chest Press with an Overhead Extension. (2 Rounds)

Muffin Top: 15 ea. side Standing Cross Crunches… 20 ea. side Squat Cross Overs… 15 ea. side Single Leg Dead Lifts… 20 Alternating Bridge Hold Leg Lifts… 15 Opposite Arm Ext. (2 rounds)


15 Minute Stretch + House Work Workout (Yes, it counts)


Stretch Warmup. Lean Legs: 15 ea. Side Reverse Kicks… 15 ea. Side Leg Lifts… 30 Calf raises… + 15 ea. Side Ballet Leg Pivots. (hold one leg over the floor, point your foot, pivot your leg back and forth by moving your leg at the hip only) … *15 ea. Side Ballet Fondu … 15 ea. Side Kneeling Leg Openers. (2 rounds)

Thursday: Nope.


Back Sculpt: 10 ea. Side Thread the Needle… 10 ea. Side Single Leg Deadlift… 12 ea. Side Bent over Rows (with weight) … 10 ea. Side Arm Leg ext… 10 ea. Side Bent Over Fly. (with weight) *10 Egyptians (Place arms straight out to your sides, bend the elbows and rotate the hands behand your back, reaching for the middle and repeat. (2 rounds)


Glutes: 15 ea. Side Donkey Kicks… 15 ea. Side Laying Leg ext… 15 ea. Side Fire Hydrants… 15 ea Side Rainbows… 15 ea. Side Squat Side Kicks. (rounds 2)

What goals are you working on this week?

XOXO Faith

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