Face Masks | Info & Tutorials

It’s an usual post day, however, I am feeling a bit fuzzy about what to post these days. To be honest my schedule has shifted a lot and I’m sure many of yours has as well. I never thought my work would be considered essential but yes I have been working throughout all the craziness. Man oh 0man do I have stories for you guys… perhaps once the dust settles I will post a video of all the things that have happened lately while at work. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in some work stories from this pandemic season.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all about mask making because I am now wearing masks daily to work as rules and regulations require it. As regulatons keep evolving in some places you might have to wear a mask so here are some tips on how to equip yourself. Before diving in, a quick disclaimer, I am not a doctor just a fellow fashionista.

What materials are good for mask making?

Recommended by the CDC and fellow healthcare workers is to use 100% cotton material with a tight weave. For a quick check hold the fabric up to the light, the less amount of light you can see, the more effective it will be. However, keep in mind that you still need the material to be breathable as well. The less pores in the material the better, do not knit a mask, please. Yes I have seen people wearing knitted masks, which provides false protection.

Repurpose an old pillowcase, teeshirt, or sheet. For the core use a middle layer of cotton if you cannot get your hands on interfacing or muslin. If you wear glasses, a mask can make you feel like an angry dragon, the struggle is real trying to make it through a shift with fogged up glasses. Try adding a piece of wire to contour the mask and prevent access air from moving upward thus avoiding the fog up. This can be a paper clip, floral wire, pipe cleaners, get creative.

No Sewing Machine?

Try fabric glue, rubber bands or intricate folds. There are numerous  tutorials on how to make a mask with no sewing required. There is no reason to line up at a fabric store or wait months for a mask to come in the mail from on online retailer. It is confusing to me that people will wait in line for hours during this pandemic to make masks. Honestly I think even non craft lovers have all the necessary supples at the ready laying around the house.

My  Favorite Handmade Mask Tutorials

Have you made any masks? 
I want to see! Show me in the comments or send me a message with photos of your creations.

XOXO Faith

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