Unboxing Review | Invisibobble + Thomas Kinkade

Happy holidays everyone! Does anyone else hear Jack Skeleton’s voice (from the ride) when anyone says this? Wanted to create a short post on my favorite cyber deals this year. These are strictly the deals that I used on purchases for myself so that I could test them out. First was on a random Target trip when I spotted the Thomas Kinkaide puzzles, instantly I assumed they would be $25-30+ as they were Disney. There were no price tags for them so I simply passed by them the first time I saw them. The next trip I decided to pick one up and see how much they were with the self scanner. Once it rang up for $4.99 I was shocked and skipped my way back to the Disney section to get more. Altogether it was $15 for twelve 500 piece puzzles which is crazy even if they weren’t Disney. I believe it started a new holiday tradition as well, to spend time putting together puzzles whether it be on a Saturday or even 15 minutes after work. 

The other items I purchased were on a whim, I decided to see what new products Invisibobble had on their website. This was a couple of days after cyber Monday so I was not expecting any deals but they were having a massive cyber sale. Since most of the items were ones that I had always wanted to try but not enough to justify the price I decided to splurge on some. To sweeten the deal they were even offering free shipping on any $20+ purchase which I didn’t know is a daily offer. I hate paying for shipping, it feels like a rip off sometimes. As if I wasn’t high on deals already the Honey browser extension also found me a coupon for 15% off. Honestly, could not believe it even worked whenever it says try promo codes I always expect the “no buyer remorse here” text. Watch the video below to see my reaction to each of the products as I unbox them.

XOXO Faith

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