Get Bendy: Review

While I’ve owned Get Bendy for a couple of years now, I recently committed to set aside time for myself to stretch four days a week. Taking out my tablet to follow the Get Bendy program always seemed draining, mainly because the tablet was a bit outdated that I had installed it on. Needless to say, it would shut off every other page, which led me to printing out the Get Bendy Guide. Since I have a physical copy, it has been loved a lot more. For the first two weeks, I followed the guide pose by pose, now I tend to focus less on the sequence and create my own. I still use the guide for inspiration and play around with the order.

The guide covers a variety of poses with variations to work towards. About eleven pages of poses with around six photos per page. Overall I am pleasantly pleased with the guide. It has become more about my mental health rather than a physical health focus when it comes to stretching time. Days that I have a headache I will skip my session, and I can definitely tell a difference in my mood.

For $34 it is a great yoga starter guide to work through. On her website she also has other additional eguides for purchase, Get Inverted and Get Split. The Get Bendy Poster is $49, but can also be purchased at a discounted rate in a bundle. I purchased the Get Bendy eguide by itself as I had nowhere to put the poster, but it depends on what you believe will work best for you. For 10% off sign up for her email list.

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Photo: Elle pulled from her website,

If you are on the fence check out Elle’s Instagram @ellefitactive (business) or @elle_fit (personal), you won’t regret it. Pull up her website, follow her email list to download free printable such as Get Clear for anxiety, this back pain flow, and much more on her blog. She is an amazing role model, raw, real and personable. Check out her story here.

Disclaimer: This is by no means a sponsorship, I bought this book with my own money and do not receive any benefit if you purchase the ebook or visit any of the links provided.
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