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Life after college lately has consisted of working ten to twelve hour days for six to seven days a week. It has been nuts and I will admit I’ve let my health overall slip. Every day is basically eat, work, sleep, repeat. One thing that has kept me sane during this busy season are my favorite social influencers on instagram. Yes, I know it is bad to be on your phone while eating but that’s a whole other subject. Anyway, a couple years ago I evaluated who I was following on social media and took inventory of who was having a negative or positive impact on my daily life from simply viewing their content. I unfollowed accounts that gave me negative thoughts about myself and life in general. Social media can be bad or good depending on what you let into your life. These are my top five social media influencers in alpha order.

Carly Rowena

For years I have been following her, I actually found out about her from her husband’s youtube channel theleanmachines. She is a fitness trainer that shares raw, positive, and empowering content. Currently she is pregnant, I love checking in to see what she is experiencing in her pregnancy as well as her positive aspects on life. No candy coating or filtering her day as far as content goes, she shares not only the positive things in her life but also the negative things. Not to mention she has some kick ass workouts.

Dana Landgren

Personal trainer specializing in women and a mom of the adorable Mr. Rex. Positive, empowering and raw. Shares tips on exercises that are not centered around hard core equipment nor high impact on your body. When I was working out frequently, I would constantly have sore knee joints and such so it is refreshing to have different types of fitness. Her positive outlook on life is inspiring, loving all her tips on both mental and physical health.

Eliza Landgren (elle_fit)

Actually, I started following Elle before I was following Dana, her sister. She is a yogi that is amazing at what she does. Yes I follow her for her inspiring pretzel yoga photos but higher on that list is her outlook on life. As a law student who switched over to creating her own business she is beyond inspiring. Her focus is on minimizing stress and living a healthy life to the fullest. If that is not enough there are always those inspiring and humorous quotes she posts.

Meg Donnelly

The daughter from American Housewives is who I first knew her as, after her Disney debut as Addison I looked further into her social media. Extremely relatable content specially for a celebrity, she is passionate about people. I enjoy her seeing what she is wearing, her story of her dancing with friends and her talks to fans. Recently she made a video on youtube with tips for people dealing with anxiety; it is awesome. You can check it out here. Not to mention Zombies is one of my favorite movies even as a twenty three year old, yes.

Niki (sugarysixpack)

Recently she gave birth to her first child, which has been an awesome journey to watch as she is a fitness trainer. Energized workout posts are frequently on her Instagram which as my favorite for when I am looking for some cardio as well body weight training. Her Instagram stories have been my favorite as she is always so positive no matter what. Constantly she is reminds me (her viewers) that even if something bad happens you have the choice to let it ruin the rest of your day or to start the day over in that moment by trying to make the most of it.

Who is your favorite social media influencer?


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