Birthday Freebies + Haul

We discussed how hauls can be destructive but also informative a bit ago. It is that time of year again… my BIRTHDAY!!! Yay! For my birthday haul this year I have collected even more freebie information for you guys to bank on for your birthday as well as a collective haul of what I received from friends and family.

I am notorious for being a penny pincher since I was little evaluating if I truly needed/ wanted it and was way too cautious about spending. My mother would literally tell me it is okay to treat yourself every once in a while. I was that kid whose first purchase was memorable, a backpack from Clarie’s, yes, I asked why the lady did not give back the money I paid. Instant buyer’s remorse. Whenever I get a deal on something it seems to be my favorite item because it reignites a sense of joy that it originally gave me when I purchased it. Do you feel the same way or am I weirdly unique? Ha

Onto the actual reason you are here, the freebies! I’m not going to take credit for finding some gold mind of deals, Pinterest definitely had a hand in these and there are more and MORE out there trust me. These are just some of my favorite freebies and deals that come around on my birthday.

#1 Redbox

This company has the best perks system, seriously if you’ve yet to join you’re wasting precious pennies. Yes, a movie may only cost a couple dollars but that adds up once it is a frequent habit. They frequently send coupons and free movie weekend codes. On the exact day of your birthday they will send you a code for a free rental of a DVD, blue-ray or game. The code expires in 60 days.

#2 Ikea

Once you sign up for their family program which is free, you are eligible for the birthday freebies. The best part is there is absolutely no minimum purchase necessary. A couple days before the month of your birthday Ikea will send you an email with $15 off your next purchase and a free meal including dessert. Both of these freebies are good for the entire month.

#3 Sephora

Sign up for their membership program, it is free, sign up in stores. I signed up on my actual birthday last year and they gave me the freebie the same day. A couple of weeks prior to the big day they will send you an email regarding the options for the freebie. There is no minimum purchase and it can even be done online. However, I am not sure if they charge shipping since I have yet to test it. The points system also grants you access to other freebies during the year once you rack up points for purchases.

#4 Ulta

Similar to Sephora once you sign up they offer a free gift, only one option and double points during the entire month.

#5 Express

Sign up online or in stores for $10 off during the month of your birthday, no minimum purchase. Their email list often sends discount codes as well as a point system for even more money off.

#6 Box Lunch

An email was sent the first day of the month with $5 off which expired a couple weeks into the next month. Their points system gives store credit, for instance $15 off $30 during a certain period of time based on how many points are racked up. Definitely worth it if you are a fan of their merchandise.

#7 Tarte

Rarely do I see tarte doing discounts so 20% off is definitely a treat, it arrives only a few weeks before the actual date.

#8 American Eagle

Once again not the best discount but it is something… 15% off one purchase during the entire month.

#9 Olive Garden

Umm… free dessert yes please. Yes, many restaurants give out a free mini dessert for your birthday but this one is quite different. Instead of a little one you are entitled to any dessert on the menu that is up to $8.50. The catch is an entree must be purchased in order to cash in, a couple weeks to indulge on this one. Sign up at the table or online.

#10 Michaels

Alright yes, they hand out 50% off one item but it must be regular priced. I feel as if this particular company discounts everything by a couple cents just so you cannot use the coupons. Ha. Their perks system gives out many coupons during the year so it is definitely worth it, the birthday discount is rather meh. They give a one week allowance to use it as well

#11 Abercrombie

Earn double points all month as well as 25% a purchase of $75 during the month of your birthday. Both online and in store eligible, however, during the year they have better sales sent to my inbox so I’d hold off or add it to your birthday list for friends and family to use on you.

#12 Hollister

Spend $75 get 25% off for a month, meh. They are owned by Abercrombie so the discount is the same so sign up but wait for better deals, unless you have a new item in on your list add it for gift givers to save on.

What is your favorite birthday freebie or discount? If you know of others please share down below!


For a haul of what I received for my birthday watch below, also see what discounts/ freebies I homed in on.

XOXO Faith

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