Throw Pillow DIY | Beginner Sewing Project

Decorative pillows are fun but they can get boring after a while, especially if they are seasonally themed. While you may think that simply flipping the pillow over to the plain side will suffice for the off season it really doesn’t. Instead of filling the hallway closet with pillows for every occasion try making your own pillow cases to fit over a seasonal or plain old throw pillow.

This easy to make tutorial will help you create a pillowcase with a side pocket to prevent any ugly angles. Watch the short video below to make yours today, the hardest part is picking what you want on it. The fabric is up to personal preference, create something unique or grab inspiration from your favorite retailers.

Pocket Pillow Case Steps:

  1. Measure the original pillowcase or pillow insert.
  2. Mark & cut the dimensions measured in step 1 (add 3+ inches all around if measuring a pillow insert).
  3. Mark & cut the dimensions of step 2’s length but add 6 inches to the width.
  4. Sew both pieces from step 2 and step 3 together at the width (right sides together).
  5. Keep the fabric right sides together and fold the excess the opposite way (right side facing upward).
  6. Sew both long sides all the way across.
  7. Flip the fabric right side out.
  8. Put pillowcase on pillow insert.

XOXO Faith

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