Organize with me

Organizing is one of my favorite things which may seem weird but it’s true. Every time I saw an acrylic case I always thought it was too expensive or too impractical until now. Let me explain the impractical side first; when it comes to acrylic it can easily scratch and always needs to be tidy if it is clear. Perhaps not always but for myself it honestly needs to have a system rather than just throwing items into drawers as it becomes a decor piece for the room it sits in. Once I was fed up with the way I was storing my items I decided it was time to try out the acrylic case, use up more vertical space and stop with the endless display of bags and boxes.

Before buying an acrylic case definitely shop around for the perfect one for you. What I mean by this is will your items fit that you wish for it to hold. Items may require larger drawers or smaller drawers to keep items neat and practical at the same time. Your makeup brushes may be too large for a little drawer, either way, go in with a game plan of what size you need. For mine I knew I wanted it to carry both jewelry and makeup so I opted for the taller one with both small and large drawers.

In order to keep from scratching the case itself it needs to be lined. Some cases come with precut fabric to line the drawers but not all of them do. If it does not have them it is an easy diy project so do not let that keep you from getting the case you love. Simply grab some fabric at the local craft shop, flannel is a great option as it does not fray as easily as cotton and is a bit thicker. Next pull out each drawer, trace the bottom of the drawer with a pen on the fabric, and cut it out. Although I opted to tape my fabric pieces down in the drawer you can also glue or simply place them inside the drawer. For messy items such as makeup brushes I would recommend leaving them on top or using the fabric float method to avoid an annoying mess that is difficult to control. 

Organize with me below to see exactly what I put in each drawer of my case for ideas.

XOXO Faith

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