Plan with Me: Mood Tracker

Not sure why it has taken me so long to produce planner content, I absolutely love them. The new trend has been the bullet journal which allows for optimal customization, however, you can also create that with other types of planners. My go to planner for the last couple of years has been the Happy Planner, I love being able to take out pages without ruining it. It also has the capability of customization just like the bullet journal since you can add pages to the binding. Some of the popular pages to customize in a bullet journal are the tracker pages due to the creative level that breaks away from the traditional check list.

For my first aesthetically pleasing tracker I focused on a mood tracker. Mental health and mood trackers are linked to reaching a level of beneficial growth. At a glance one is able to tell how the month went on an emotional level then you can dive into the weekly side of your journal to see what caused that emotional effect. It is therapeutic and engaging as it becomes a work of art rather than a boring chart.

This particular theme, Live Foxi, is geared toward this fall/ early winter season, however it can easily work for summer months as well. Follow along below in the time-lapse video of me creating this little guy. (=


Live Foxi Tutorial


Are you a planner addict too? Let me know in the comments. 

XOXO Faith


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