Finding Relaxation During Lockdown


While the world seemed to be on the edge of coming around to somewhat of a new “normal” the brakes have screeched yet again. Could it be time to accept that this is the norm now, wearing masks and getting dirty looks whenever choking in public?Please tell me I’m not the only one who has noticed this happening or had it happen to yourself. Needless to say the stressful times are far from over.

About a month ago my mom was ordering some yarn and needed a couple more dollars to fulfill the free shipping threshold for DMC. She has been getting into all sorts of crafts to keep herself busy from knitting to doll making. Anyway, she asked me for ideas on what to add to her cart, that’s how it all started. I found out that DMC has free patterns for cross stitch and embroidery that outline the colors and stitches they use. Since I always wanted to try embroidery it seemed like the perfect time: all I needed was a hoop, thread and a washable marker. Once the order came I cut up an old sheet and jumped in.

Embroidery has been an relaxing creative outlet for me. Finding something to do during lockdown that doesn’t add stress or include a screen is tough. For me art has always been my passion but I must admit that it can be stressful at times such as drawing or even sewing. However, yes I did turn to youtube for tutorials on how to do certain stitches but for the most part embroidery is screen free. Plus if you are looking for a new hobby it is relatively inexpensive compared to most.

Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down by all the negativity right now.  Try to find an outlet that allows you to fully transition into a state of relaxation. Try something new, experiment, because you never know until you try what you may take a liking to.

Hope all is well,


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