Behind the Scenes | Equipment

Throughout my first year of blogging I have learned a lot and experimented with various equipment options. The first background I ever used for instance was a piece of scrapbook paper, before upgrading to an old white sheet. Now I use an actual legit background where I no longer have to use two different sheets to cover the surface area I am photographing. If you follow me on instagram @maddieautumn_faith you saw my blue poster board phase too. ha.

Keep reading to find out all my secrets when it comes to photography and videography for beginners. Find out what cameras, lighting equipment and literally every equipment that I have tried. Get the full inside scoop on my review of each of these products too.

The Footage

Watch the behind the scenes official video to receive a mini review and run through on all the equipment I use as of now.

Photography Growth

I’m still trying to figure out the whole instagram thing so by no means am I making this saying if you have this or that you’ll be an amazing photographer or videographer. I still have many things to learn and am still experimenting with various things trying to find my specific style.  Below is my photography progression, I have captioned each photo with what I used to give you a glimpse into the effect each piece of equipment has.

Scrapbook Paper + Natural Lighting + Phone + No Editing Apps


White sheet + Natural Lighting + Phone + No Editing Apps


White Sheet + Soft Box Lighting  + Phone + Editing App


White Sheet with White Shower Curtain + Soft Box Lighting +

Nikon D3400 + Editing Apps


White Official Background + Soft Box Lighting + Nikon D3400 + Editing Apps


Outdoors + Natural Lighting + Phone + Editing Apps



I still love the appeal of outdoor shots, however, it can be tricky as the weather, time of day and location are huge factors that need to be considered for each session. That being said I am attempting to add in more natural setting/ outdoor shots into my collection. There is something about that crisp white background that still gets me though.

Since filming the behind the scenes mini series I have also added a mini steamer to my must have list for equipment that I showed in my Valentine’s Day Haul video. If you would like me to do a full review on it let me know. Next up in my behind the scenes mini two part series is exactly what editing apps I use, as well as a full tutorial. That post will be out next Saturday March 2nd.

xoxo Faith

Disclaimer: If you purchase any of the items below I am not compensated for recommending or providing links to them. All opinions are my own.

Official Background: Backdrop Express $29.95 – $99.95 (Mine is size 10′ X 10′)

Soft Box Lighting  & Frame Set: Amazon $137.99



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