D.I.Y. Doodle Folder

Before each semester starts, I nerd out on school supplies to see if anything is “needed”. One of my favorite times of the year is honestly back to school shopping. The spring semester for college is not as exciting as there are no hyped up deals or ads. However, I do still enjoy going through all my supplies and organize what I may need based on each course.

My go to is a multi-folder rather than a binder. A multi-folder allows the feel of a folder with the reliability that all of my stuff is together in one place. I’ve gone through the panic of where is the purple folder and of course taking the wrong folder to class. While I have used this specific multi-folder for about two years it does have it’s negative attributes.

#1 Pen Markings (yes, I have tried acetone, soap, & water etc.)

#2 The Curse of the Spiral (catches on almost everything)

After visiting a couple of stores for a multi-folder that fixed both of these issues, I came up with a d.i.y. idea instead. This d.i.y. doodle folder works for old marked folders as well as new ones looking for a bit of creative freedom. Doodle during class or simply write the name of each course on each one.


  • Folder (used or new)
  • White Contact paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Colored Pencils
  • Colored Sharpies or Pens
    • (no markers)
  • Eraser
    • (color pencils can be erased on this surface.


Before photo of my folder. Ugly marks that won’t come out. Overall boring…


  1. Measure folder pouch/ surface. Remember to leave room to fold over the pocket to create a clean look.
  2. Cut Contact paper.
  3. Line up & Peel off the back of the contact paper.
  4. Cut slits at corners to create ease to fold over.
  5. Create anything you desire.

    One pocket without anything besides washi tape at the top and the other with white contact paper .
This is the finished look of a folder pocket. I covered only the pockets of the multi-folder with the contact paper. For the design I decided on simply writing the course titles on each one. While it is simple it leaves enough room for additional doodles during down time.

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