Mother’s Day: Dessert & Ideas

Every year mother’s day is a bit of a stumper. What to do, what to gift? How do you show love and appreciation on a tight college budget without seeming like it is?

Perhaps a breakfast.

Wake up early, cook pancakes or a quiche for the family.

Family get together.

Normally my grandparents, aunts and cousins all get together to have a bbq which is nice. As a family, all the mothers receive flowers and presents from their children. Every mother at least mine anyway, enjoys spending time with their children whether that be watching a movie, playing cards, or sharing a meal together.

Lunch/Dinner Ideas

If you’re planning on cooking for mom, she is not expecting a world class chef, unless you are one. Ha. Make it simple; a protein, vegetable and carb. Do not under any circumstances forget dessert though, it’s just as important as those veggies. This year I am making strawberry hearts.


Cut the strawberries in half and then in half again (or fourths). Lay them next to each other to form a heart. Cover it in chocolate of choice, add a stick to avoid messy hands.
Drizzle another chocolate, white or pink on top for decoration.

Table Décor: Flowers. Nuts. Kisses. Hugs.


Take her out of the house for a massage or facial. Does she like activities? Not every mother enjoys flowers so think outside of the box. Play cards, board games, who knows mom best question game. Has she been asking for you to do something specific such as paint a room in the house or go through photos for a scrapbook? Whatever it is, just remember it is not about being able to repay her with expensive things, let’s be honest you’ll never be able to! Focus on spending time with her, showing appreciation, and kindness.

What are you doing for Mother's Day?

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