Unpaper Towels: DIY

It’s that time of year where blankets are near, the fire (heater) is roaring and everyone is crafting. If you are throwing a party and looking to be a bit more environmentally conscious try out unpaper towels this year. Yes, you can buy fancy linens or official unpaper towels from Etsy shop owners and alike cites, however, they can be pricey. For a fraction of the cost you can create your own before the online shops would be able to ship theirs to you, they are that easy to make.

Browse around the remnant section of your local fabric store, they are usually on sale this time of year.  A remnant, is a piece of fabric that is left over from the bolt. Currently they are 50% off at my local shop and there are many textiles and prints to choose from. I recommend a snuggle flannel for unpaper towels since it naturally clings to itself, which is key to creating a reusable paper towel roll without those annoying snaps. No, one wants to sit and snap the pieces back together or has the time to unsnap them during a spill emergency.


  • Snuggle Flannel Fabric
  • Serger or Sewing Machine
  • Fabric Scissors


  1. Fabric Prep: Unpaper Towels can be any size, so first figure out your preferred size. Fold the material in half and add various folds to determine how many you can make at roughly the same size. Use a ruler to perfect that size if you fancy.
  2. Cut: Once the material is folded, cut out each one.
  3. Pin: Lay out two of the pieces of fabric and pin all four sizes. If you are using a serger the fabric should be facing the outside. If you are using a sewing machine pin the fabric wrong sides together (print sides together).
  4. Sew: Serge or sew around each side, do not trim any threads until after all the sides are sewn. If sewing leave an opening to flip the material, then hand sew it closed.
  5. Trim: Cut off the excess thread. If sewing
  6. Repeatsteps 2-5 for each unpaper towel.



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