How to: Edit Instagram Photos

Part two of my behind the scenes Saturday mini series continues with what apps I use to edit my photos. I use all of these apps to edit not only my Instagram photos but also my blog photos. If you are just starting out with editing photos on Instagram these tips will help you create cleaner, brighter and more cohesive images for your specific theme. Yes, I cover all the types of images from model photos to flat lays.

Paid Apps

Most of them are free, however, there is one that I would recommend you purchase for a few reasons. Facetune is the only editing app itself that I have purchased. Not only does Facetune whiten whites it smooths out wrinkles and can even patch over unwanted spots. You’ll see me use these features in the tutorial below.

Although Lightroom is a free editing app to use I did purchase a presets pack from Aspyn Ovard. The fall preset pack is one of my favorites as it works with just about any photo. Prior to receiving the presets I created my own but they did not work across my own feed which is why I now use the presets plus other apps. Using other apps with the preset allows a more unique feel to the presets.

Free Apps

By far the best free editing app in my collection would have to be Lightroom, it allows you to specifically spin your photo in whatever way you wish. Make pink tones, brighten colors, anything goes. Do not stress, it takes awhile to get used to, which is why many people find it easier to purchase presets from their favorite bloggers to start with.

Although it is not an editing app I would highly recommend the app Plann if you are using Instagram. It is a free app that allows you to plan out your feed in advance. Switch up the order of your uploaded photos in the app to find the perfect fit for your theme. Plann even will remind you when to post. Write your caption in advance so when it is time to post all you have to do is tag loved ones and press copy for your caption to appear.

The tutorial

If you missed part one of the behind the scenes Saturday series on all the equipment I use click here.

XOXO Faith


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