Vegan Desserts

With any lifestyle desserts are a good pair. Throughout the last couple of years desserts have been a like a sour patch kid. Sour in mindset and sweet in taste. Since I do not drink milk it has been a mission to find desserts that do not make me feel sick. Yes I still enjoy rich sugar filled desserts every once in awhile, however, these are the sweets I have more often.

Here are some of my go to sweets… dairy free & vegan

Chocolate: Lindt

Image result for lindt chocolate cocoa bar 60%
*Darker the better but start off slow before you dive into super hard core raw coca. Heat up and drizzle over strawberries or by itself.


Cookie Cake (Single Serving)

In a Microwave safe blow mix together all ingredients and then microwave for 1.15 minutes.

  • 1 TBSP Unsalted Butter
  • 1 TBSP Sugar
  • 1 TBSP Brown Sugar
  • 1/8 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1/8th cup of unsweetened applesauce (*non vegan- 1 egg yoke)
  • 3  tsp flour
  • 2 tsp dark chocolate chips

Cookie Dough:

  • 1 can chickpeas, rinsed + dried.
  • ⅓ cup natural, smooth peanut butter (Laura Scudder’s)
  • 2 Tbsp. Honey
  • 1½ tsp. vanilla extract
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • ½ cup chocolate chips
*Eat raw or bake to create a flaky cookie texture.


Laura Scudder All Natural Smooth Peanut Butter - 16oz - image 1 of 1
*Yes this is a stir peanut butter, that you have to refrigerate after opening. Mix it before putting it in the fridge. Be careful not to get any of the liquid your clothing. Found at most stores Belair, Target, Walmart etc.

Ice cream:

Image result for ben and jerry's dairy free ice cream
*add peanut butter for protein & animal crackers for crunch

Protein Bar:

Image result for larabar cookie dough
All natural ingredients.


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