Life Update & Crochet Haul

Since it has been awhile, I thought a life update was well over due. A lot has happened or rather not happened depending on your perspective. Whenever I start to compare my progress to others my age or just in general it can be a real downer since the expectations I’ve put on myself are based on societial guidelines that ,have yet to be met. You can’t be too far ahead or too far behind and it’s a constant battle that is impossible to win. Perhaps everyone feels this way yet from the outside it looks like others have it all figured out. Let me know in the comments if you feel like you’re on track or if you’ve never thought about it? Not sure how you couldn’t think about it as people question when you’ll get married, when you’ll have a kid and the list goes on and on. 

So, what’s new? Well, let’s see I’m on day 150+ of Duolingo, an app to learn Spanish. Currently, still loosing my finger nail due to an accident that occurred before Christmas. To see the nail or lack thereof I will show it in my mini update and haul video below. I’ve been exploring different types of crafting like crochet which is what the haul will entail in the video. Lots of dinosaurs, creatures and blankets which are all things I want to sell eventually. If you are interested in any of the creations featured in the video please let me know, I would be happy to create a custom listing on Etsy. With that said if anyone has any tips on how to keep shipping costs down please let me know. After selling a handmade blanket where I said I would take on the shipping cost it became a whole ordeal and ended up costing over $17 to ship, it was not even TWO POUNDS! Plus they charged me on two separate occasions claiming that it cost more to place the item in a box from the post office rather than a recycled box. It all seems a bit odd. Due to the insane cost of shipping on Etsy I do have two giant crochet chunky dinosaurs listed on my Mercari (shown below). (:

Link to Purple Dinosaur. Link to Blue Dinosaur.

XOXO Faith

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