DIY Knot Scrunchies |Easy

After my usual window shopping or shall I say internet browsing, I usually find something that is cute yet too expensive to justify purchasing. This happened to be one of those times, instead of just laughing and clicking out I thought why not try to make my own. At Alo Yoga this scrunchie is selling for $12.00 which is a bit pricy as it only includes one.

As a fellow crafty curly gal I decided to challenge myself by only using scrap material from previous projects. Next I realized that I really did not want to create a scrunchie as it seems a bit challenging plus I am not a fan of the scrunchie in the first place. Yes, this post is still titled diy knot scrunchies so I’ll explain, don’t worry. Instead of making a knot tie that was bound to one type of hair tie, why not create one that can be used on any type. I prefer invisibobbles which was my motivation for creating the tie for any preference.

Even though I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design I still struggle with sewing. Needless to say this is definitely a beginner’s project, for all diy lovers. Since this is an easy level project I have included in the tutorial two examples. Also, learn how to fix major sewing mistakes and how to do it right the first time. Follow the tutorial below.

If you give this a try let me know in the comments or tag me in your creations on instagram. HAPPY CREATING!!

XOXO Faith


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