Bunny Bread Recipe

Looking for a fun recipe for a semi sweet treat to have on Easter Sunday? I first attempted this bunny bread recipe last year for Easter and it turned out pretty well. While it is a lot of work to make this bread it is also fun. No bread machine needed, nor expertise in baking.

They end up tasting as my friends said, “like cinnamon rolls without the frosting”. For people with more of a sweet tooth use more frosting to decorate each bunny. The ones I created had less due to the fact that I knew the majority of people at the party do not enjoy super sweet foods. I used a little bit of gel frosting, however, I would recommend trying out another recipe for cinnamon roll frosting to have on the side for people to decide to use or not.

Follow the recipe linked to create this cute and delicious treat.Let me know down below if you attempt to make this recipe or what your favorite homemade treat is for Easter!

Pre-oven bunnies waiting to go in…
Finished bunnies with gel frosting.

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