My First Time | Tutu Edition

Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with ballet. No, I was not a tiny tot in barre classes, in fact my first ballet class wasn’t until college. Once my fiancé gave me Bob (little hippo) I knew he needed a tutu so after watching some tutorial I decided to give it a try. While this technically is not the first tutu I’ve made, it is the first time using this method and on my own. The only other tutu I made was assisting my mom by pulling thread to create endless gathers for a Disneyland run with friends, we vowed never again.

Tinkerbell 10K Disneyland Run

Instead of making this a tutorial I decided to follow more of a time-lapse of the process since it was my first time. No, I did not even measure the tulle. As it was a custom fit, I only measured the elastic and then I just kept going until I was satisfied with the puffiness. I did cut the tulle into pieces, however, that was just to make it easier to manage. Materials used include: elastic, tulle, sewing machine, safety pins, ribbon, needle and thread. One thing I would do differently is sew up each section all the way up rather than just sewing the ribbons together to give a more seamless look. Click below to see if this way of making a tutu really was easier or just as much of a pain.

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