Reusable Duster | Easy DIY

Eco friendly products have been around for a while and still I have yet to try any. Similar to other popular items, there always seems to be a settle label “tax”. For instance, items that never had any gluten are suddenly sporting a gluten free sticker and a shiny new price tag. All the fashion trends seem to follow a similar formation of how to raise prices when the demands rises to increase it’s business.

That being said the eco-reusable “tax” makes a little sense since most of the shops make the items by hand in United States. The cost covers high quality materials and fair labor practices, at least that is how most shops are marketing themselves. After searching a couple shops online it had me thinking the ultimate challenge would be to create some of my own reusable products using scraps from other projects that would otherwise be wasted or thrown out. A duster seemed like a good place to start as it is a simple concept of a glorified rag on a stick.

At Marleys Monsters their reusable dusters retail for around $38.00, however the one I make in the video below only cost me $0.97 for two. Having been gifted a ridiculous amount of fabric scraps helped a bit too. If you are not as lucky, head over to your local craft shop and browse their scraps pile, usually they are pretty affordable. The key is to no longer be purchasing and throwing out a numerous amount of swiffer duster heads.

Click below for the full tutorial, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is.

Every little switch helps when it comes to the environment, but no, I am not driving into the whole zero waste vibe full force by any means.

XOXO Faith

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