Crutch Pads DIY| Beginner Sewing

Similar to previous d.i.y. projects this one was inspired by pure practicality. Before diving in let me first tell you how I got myself into this lovely situation. There is no proper satisfying story you know the ones where someone does something epically stupid. I simply walked right into this one, literally. That early morning the alarm demands attention, just a quick stretch right? Ehh… I fell asleep in childs pose which caused both my feet to go completely nomb not the regular pins and needle numb, the my feet feel like bricks of giant blubber numb. It is a weird feeling for those who have not had the pleasure first hand. Walk it off right…? WRONG. I made it maybe three steps before stepping on my toes, yes, my toes, with the same foot. This caused me to obviously twist my ankle in and something popped initially it was painful but I thought surely, I had just rolled my ankle.

The first few days were unbearable, it hurt to put any weight on it but I thought it would subside within a couple days. Once my mom saw it she said I needed to baby it and others recommended going in to get it checked out. My thought process was more of we are in a pandemic and all they are going to say is give it some ice prop it up and I’ll come home with a higher chance of getting sick. Well week two went by and there was little to no change still a giant knot and at this point it started to creep in that there may have been permanent damage. About a week after I made a doctor’s appointment, once I pulled off my shoe he sent me immediately to do several x-rays. Next, I heard him speaking from behind the door of my waiting room for the nurse to get crutches and a walking boot. Instant jealousy overtook me as I knew someone actually was getting answers, little did I know he was discussing my case.

Luckily my mom had drove me to the appointment but had to wait in the car, due to safety measures no one is allowed in the doctor’s office beside the patients for upcoming appointment. We discussed whist waiting because there is always a bit of down time that we would go across the street to get some stickers Michaels which is where more problems started to arise. Yep crutches, for the first time, it sounds fun when you are younger but within a matter of minutes my arms had broken out in bumps and were rubbed raw from them. Michaels is the one place that physically sells Sweet Kawaii Design stickers and I was not going to pass up the chance to see their new stock of stickers. To see which stickers, I bought watch the video below. Once we got home from the store I started making some crutch pads because I couldn’t wait to buy some from etsy or amazon, I needed them now. Surprising they are super easy to make too. The bruising lasted literally three days from that short sticker excursion.

XOXO Faith

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