Budgeting 101| Freebie

Adulting always seems as if you’ll be jumping into this magical fairy tale where you get to paint the walls without permission. Then you get there and realize all the negatives that align with them such as figuring out how to afford all the paint.ha. I’ve learned a lot in a short window of time but budgeting has always been a part of me, it’s fun. A game you cannot afford to lose, quite literally.

Although yes, there are several templates online for budgeting they all did not meet my needs. There’s the family budget where all income is combined and distributed to the various fields it is needed at. The personal  budget where you get to carry the entire load, ick. I wanted something in-between that would track two incomes while providing the data of a personal budget. All while visually stating that our bills were being paid without bouncing from various spreadsheets.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 3.17.59 PM
The data above is strictly an example, all numbers were put into the spreadsheet randomly. This is not an example of a month of my personal expenses.

Why not combine them? What is mine is yours right? Not exactly, although I am engaged now, I do not feel it is fair to look at finances as a joint effort at this stage. My reasoning behind this is the fact that my fiancee makes a significantly higher salary, while I am still currently filling out paperwork to start a part time position.

Separating finances makes sense at this stage and makes it easier to spend without feeling guilty. If I want a pair of shoes I don’t need to ask permission, I simply take a peek at how much I have left over after expenses are met. At the end of the month both expenses and extras will be carried over to a yearly spreadsheet to go towards future goals.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 3.17.10 PM
The first month is filled out randomly for visual purposes.

Something missing? Download the template for free, no email or personal info required, simply click. This is an excel template which means it is specifically formulated. If you have any questions on how to customize it to fit your needs simply leave a comment or message me privately. 🙂   Download | Easy as Pie Budget Template!

I realize not everyone has a bulk of their household expenses included in their rent so do not hesitate to ask if you need assistance altering the template to meet your needs.

XOXO Faith

Life Update |Why I’ve been Gone.

A lot has changed in the past couple of months, including moving out for the first time. Needless to say it has been a little stressful at times. Now that I feel somewhat settled I thought it was time to update you all on why I dropped off the internet for a month.

The Move

It’s been a draining process to say the least with moving out for the first time to a new city where everything seems very different from home. The people, the prices, the weather, the roads, the entire system of society here is new. Well I’m not going to candy coat it I’ve learned a lot in this short amount of time in this strange place and I plan on sharing some of them with you soon. Things such as what to look out for when moving out for the first time and how to mentally progress in the process.

The Shiny

Truth moment yes, I got engaged which is exciting in every way but it was not a surprise by any means. While I realize many people who get engaged have some kind of hunch prior to the event mine was more than that. In order for me to feel confident in moving we discussed that we would first get engaged. With that being said there were multiple discussions before this stipulation was placed into the universe. We’d been dating for four years and discussed the idea of marriage within the first couple of months. Nevertheless it was a special moment.

The Place

Whenever I am browsing through YouTube I tend to gravitate towards the Big Life Tiny House tours and really any other kind of house tour. Which is why I wanted to document our first place before it was finished. This is what the apartment looked like the first week I moved in. There were a lot of issues prior to moving which I will discuss with you in incoming content for things to look out for when searching for a place. Things I did not even think of before and I did a lot of research online with Pinterest and other sites. Anyway, check it out below to see the apartment, it’s a cross between a tiny house and regular sized apartment. At least that is what we like to say since there is minimal space.

Have you moved out yet?

XOXO Faith

Tool Roll DIY | Easy

Yes, I’m going to be completely stereotypical for this Father’s Day D.I.Y. only because this is something mine would actually use. No matter if you make this for dad or for yourself, it is very affordable. I came across this idea when I was searching for a tool roll store after store and kept coming out empty handed.


  • Canvas Work Apron- The Home Depot $1.49
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Sewing Machine
  • Basic Sewing Supplies



Don’t worry a beginner sewer can tackle this one with little to no experience. Figure out how many pouches to customize the roll to. Measure the widest part of each tool, mark off sections with a pencil. If you need the extra room, like I did, simply take a seam ripper to remove the middle seams that come on the apron. Once all the dimensions are sketched out start sewing. DONE

Tips from trial and error:

Note of caution; if the tools being used exceed the height of the apron brainstorm if it is worth adding extra material to the top. A normal tool roll ties are usually located in the middle of one side so they can be tied together to secure the tools. Simply cut off and resew the apron’s ties to the middle of one side to fix this issue.


Happy Crafting Ya’ll

XOXO Faith

Purchasing a Used Car 101

Why am I, a fashionista writing about cars? Good question, well since my website is about fashion as well as lifestyle, my goal is to be informative. This falls into the lifestyle aspect and I fear a lot of people overlook many details when purchasing a car. No, I am by far not an expert but with the help of some friends I have gained a grasp on car knowledge. It has become a confidence booster and to be honest fun to take charge of my exploration on vehicles. You should feel empowered to make this large purchase and not put your trust in the seller.

The Deals

With summer barreling around the corner some of you may be headed out to find a new car. If you’ve saved up enough to buy a brand-new car good for you! Here is why I will probably never buy a new car from a dealership myself. Not only are off the lot cars expensive but they also depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot. Instead I would rather invest the time looking for a slightly used new car.

What does this mean? Sometimes cars will come back to the dealership for whatever reason. For instance, an elderly person who bought a car and recently lost their license or simply someone who was not happy with the car. These types of situations mean the car has low mileage, is in practically new condition, but also has a nicer price tag. Offers like this are hard to find but definitely out there. Since these offers are rare let’s discuss what to look for when purchasing a used car either from a dealership or the internet with confidence.

After Expenses

It is nauseating to make a large purchase so break it down beforehand; start with how much you can afford. Don’t just stop there, instead look out for future expenses such as how much parts for that type of car cost, some can be crazy expensive. Eventually it will need work done on it so save yourself the headache now by being prepared. Look at the tires, are they slightly used or are they balding? See much tread is left on the tires otherwise you’ll need to add into your budget a new set. Test the brakes too!

Work Space

Are you a boss with ambition to save money by doing little jobs yourself such as oil changes? Do a work inspection, see if there is enough room to do the job with ease. Smaller cars such as a PT Cruiser are a headache as everything is so cramped together they make the easiest job a nightmare. Companies will upcharge if there is limited working space too so even if you opt to send it in to a licensed mechanic expect a higher bill on all front-end maintenance.

The Little Things

Bring out your inner child and press all the buttons! It seems silly but once you experience purchasing a car with a broken glove box or a button that does not work you’ll be glad you did. Is the glove box locked? Ask to see verification that it actually works, it may be locked because the hinges are broken. Roll down all the windows, turn on the AC, turn on the heater, play with the windshield wipers, turn on the radio, EVERTHING. When you are purchasing a car off the internet not everyone will be as transparent as you hope, so bring a friend to help uncover any secrets.


Be inquisitive, if this is the first owner the car will most likely have been babied which is good for you. Are they a car flipper? What work was recently done on the car, most likely this information will be shared as it adds value to the car.

Richard Driving (:

Since many people often buy a car and simply wait for it to break, next Wednesday I will be discussing how to take care of your car to prevent roadside issues. I hope these tips helped you feel more confident as you prepare to go car shopping. Let me know what your first car was down below or your dream car.

XOXO Faith


Avengers Endgame Premiere Lookbook

What a bitter sweet weekend coming up, augh!! The very last Avengers movie, I can not honestly believe the series will be over. To celebrate the finale I decided to make it extra special with a full on outfit and makeup inspired look. Lucky my sister is a bigger nerd than I am with Avenger movies so these were already in her shopping cart before coming up with this idea.  As I am not as diehard of a fan as my sister, I will most likely be wearing one of the shirts or sweatshirts for the premiere.


Captain Marvel








The Gangs all Here





Which character is your favorite in the series?

XOXO Faith


DIY Knot Scrunchies |Easy

After my usual window shopping or shall I say internet browsing, I usually find something that is cute yet too expensive to justify purchasing. This happened to be one of those times, instead of just laughing and clicking out I thought why not try to make my own. At Alo Yoga this scrunchie is selling for $12.00 which is a bit pricy as it only includes one.

As a fellow crafty curly gal I decided to challenge myself by only using scrap material from previous projects. Next I realized that I really did not want to create a scrunchie as it seems a bit challenging plus I am not a fan of the scrunchie in the first place. Yes, this post is still titled diy knot scrunchies so I’ll explain, don’t worry. Instead of making a knot tie that was bound to one type of hair tie, why not create one that can be used on any type. I prefer invisibobbles which was my motivation for creating the tie for any preference.

Even though I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design I still struggle with sewing. Needless to say this is definitely a beginner’s project, for all diy lovers. Since this is an easy level project I have included in the tutorial two examples. Also, learn how to fix major sewing mistakes and how to do it right the first time. Follow the tutorial below.

If you give this a try let me know in the comments or tag me in your creations on instagram. HAPPY CREATING!!

XOXO Faith


The Happy List |2019

Mental health is one of those things that will forever be at the forefront. It can consume, cripple, or motivate you. While it is starting to become normalized these days or should I say many people are attempting to.

It was not until I hit a low point that people started to ask me what makes me happy. At the time I could not grasp any answer as to what made me happy. Before you hit a low point I urge you to come up with your own list of what makes you happy. The happy list should include little things, activities, places and such to provide an array of options. For some inspiration to help you get started watch the video below of my happy list.


Comment down below what is on your happy list.

XOXO Faith