Draw Organizers DIY| Recycled Materials


Organizing is a passion of mine and yet even this drawer always ends up a jumbled up mess. Over and over I have tidied it up but it never seems to last long. While there are drawer organizers you can purchase they tend to be pricey and never fully utilize all the purposes that you need them to. Instead of running off to the store and buying a drawer organizer to fit some of the stuff, I decided to try to make my own for free. Yes free!  All of the materials I used were old boxes that would have been thrown in the recycle bin and the tools were literally already in the drawer.


  • Cardboard Boxes
  • A Pen
  • Scissors
  • Handheld Stapler or Tape

Step #1:

Take EVERYTHING out of the drawer and place items into categories. For instance all the batteries together, tools together or similar items such as binder clips, push pins, and paperclips together.

Step #2:

Find a base line, this will be the height of all of the boxes. For my base line I used the cornbread muffin box by simply cutting off one side.


Step #3:

Now it is time to make the boxes. Figure out what the longest item of each category is, this will determine how large of a box to choose for each one. Brainstorm which boxes you will use for each item. At the beginning I knew the Saltines box would be used for the scissors since they were my largest item and it was my largest box on hand.

The overall goal is to create a functional system which means that the sections need to utilize space smartly and fit the overall dimensions of the drawer. What I mean by this is, if you simply create customized drawers to fit each item there will be free floating space which creates the same issues as before, mass clutter. So how do you accomplish this well? Go one at a time and place the boxes into the drawer. This will help you visualize how much access space each box may need.

Step 4:

For smaller items such as wire ties and locks, you may not be able to simply trim off the top of a box. So… how do you create your own, well that’s easy. Take an excess piece of cardboard, use another box to create the base height, I used tiny dots to create a guide.


Cut out the guide and cut four slits at each corner. If you are duplicating a box simply place it inside and use it to help fold up the edges.


Begin folding, start with the slits, fold upwards to create easy creases. Assemble the box hold up one of the lengths, now hold the two sliced sides up and fold them so they touch the length side. Now staple or tape them together. Repeat on the other side.


At the end of your project you should have all the items inside their own divider boxes inside the drawer. You may choose to leave some items without a divider box (as shown below). The last few larger items were left out of a divider box for me simply due to the fact that they were large in combination with running out of large enough cardboard pieces.

It is completely up to you either to cover or not cover the boxes with some type of decorative paper. I decided not to as I did not mine with the cardboard look, however, if you want to step it up aesthetically try scrapbook paper, contact paper, or even paint. At the end of your project everything should have a place and without a doubt there will be no more messy drawers as it is a lot harder to create a mess when everything has a home.


XOXO Faith


Budgeting 101| Freebie

Adulting always seems as if you’ll be jumping into this magical fairy tale where you get to paint the walls without permission. Then you get there and realize all the negatives that align with them such as figuring out how to afford all the paint.ha. I’ve learned a lot in a short window of time but budgeting has always been a part of me, it’s fun. A game you cannot afford to lose, quite literally.

Eliminate Stress | Rule of 5

The last couple of weeks I have been allowing my stress to consume me. While I should have pumped the brakes sooner, I am now integrating two strategies into my daily routine. Instead of fixating on multiple stressors for hours at a time this new way of thinking implements a set block of time. Thus, pulling the negative toxic energy away from the task.

Recently, I have been searching for a house to rent in a highly competitive area with an extremely small-time frame to find “the one”. Not to mention all the stressors that piggy back off of moving in general to a new area for the first time nonetheless. What furniture to get, can we afford new furniture at this time? Oh, I almost forget to mention I also need to find myself a job. If you also have multiple stressful events hovering over you try out this method.

First write out the title of each block you have. For the very first ten or so minutes of each block focus on writing out bullet that need to be accomplished in that one block. Breaking down each block into smaller sections makes it easier to see exactly what needs to be done to accomplish each goal.   Whenever something regarding one your blocks pops into your head jot it down on a piece of paper or an e-list to revisit during that specific blocks time. Tasks get accomplished and play time stays well playtime without underlining heavy guilt of wasting time. Set a timer for third to ten minutes to work on each block, if you have the energy to flow into the next block right away go for it, if not take ten to fifteen minutes to rest your mind.

Once your blocks are all titled create a rule of five, five things you will prioritize daily. If you find the idea of five overwhelming slim it down to two to start with. These things may seem monotonies to take the time to write out but it is a daily reminder of your intentions each day. Do not just say exercise daily because that could mean so many different things which leads to a fade out. See below for my rule of five as well as the main stressors clouding up my mind lately. There are multiple ways to create a visual of all your goals this is just one of them make it your own, be creative.

Comment down below what stressors are clouding up your mind?


The Truth Behind | Fashion Hauls

Magazines, Pinterest, YouTube, and even the various people we cross paths with on the street spark inspiration for new trends, different styles and all things fashion. Recently, it has been brought to my attention that several famous youtubers and social media gurus spoke up about the fact that they buy items simply to use them as content. Fashion hauls are a huge part of this massive consumer issue of want, want, NEED. Titles such as “spending too much at Target” or “massive summer hauls” draw in a large crowd but why?

Costco Clothing |Review & Haul

Recently, I have been obsessed with shopping the clothing section at Costco. The deals are unbelievable but what about the quality overall? Whenever you shop no matter what the price tag says, there are a few things to check to make sure the tag matches the item’s quality worth. The type of material, origin it was made in, stitching and dying process all contribute to the actual garment’s quality rather than just paying for the brand itself.