Weekend Adventures |GRWM

This past weekend was packed with events and festivals. Instead of just telling you I figured it would be fun to show you all as well with a vlog below. This way you can watch my natural makeup routine as well as laugh along with me as I try to choose an outfit. Anyone else ever have a slip mishap? ha. *Pro tip… always measure how long you need a slip to be prior to ordering it.

I encourage you to take a mental break for yourself for one day or even just a couple of hours. My mental break consisted of driving out to an Edible Arrangements for the first time for fresh fruit. *Pro tip… order ahead of time if you want something specific even if you are just wanting their fresh fruit items from behind the counter. They literally only had two cups of chocolate strawberries the day I went so no fresh yummy cantaloupe for me. You can order items online and pick them up in the store so easy fix to guarantee you get exactly what you want.

The next event on my mental break was to attend the Honey Festival which was super crowded and extremely hot. Well eighty nine degrees feels like one hundred and fourteen when it has been in the mid sixties and seventies. We (the boyfriend and I) walked around for only about an hour since it was hot, but it was still a fun outing. To properly end the evening, once it cooled off we went for a beautiful sunset walk. Nature, in small doses at least, seems to help me detox mentally. Always remember in order to take care of others, you must first take care of your own health both physical and mental.

XOXO Faith 

Work Style File | Lookbook

Since it has been awhile since my last style file or what I wore this week this seemed to be the perfect time. The weather around this neck of the woods in California has been a bit chilly with foggy rainy mornings and sunny afternoons. For a reference, it has been around 57-65 degrees Fahrenheit here. Considering the fact that it is required to wear closed toed shoes in the office I rarely wear heels unless they are boots. That being said I still uphold a semi relaxed formal attire. All of these looks include soft, warm yet breathable material to provide all day comfort.


Professional Ties

Material: Think giant sweatshirt dress yet more professional.



Thanksgiving Look Book | Style Guide

The holiday season is finally here or should I say already here? ha. I feel as if these last couple of months have flown by. Thanksgiving is versatile as some people dress fancy and others keep it casual. After all we are all just sitting around at the kitchen table with the purpose of showing gratitude. Whether you enjoy dress up or not this look book covers various styles.

Casual Cutie

This one is perfect for grandmother’s house.
Comfortable, stylish and practical all in one.

Treasure & Bond Boyfriend Shirt | Nordstrom
New to my collection of plaid shirts, this boyfriend style covers to bum to prevent any visible panty lines is any tight. It can be styled with tights as shown or worn as a dress if you size up. I am wearing a small. It is made of a blend of rayon and acrylic which is why it is so soft and has such vibrant colors. A bit pricy at $69.00 but it is a piece you will be able to wear year after year since it is a timeless plaid. 

Headlands Hybrid Cargo Tight | Athleta
Literally my favorite tights. Not only do they look incredibly sassy they have so many pockets. Full pockets, not those cutesy fake ones designers keep putting on women’s clothing. Two rear pockets, two side pockets and two thigh pockets all with zipper closures to secure all your items. The two toned panels offer style without being that annoying mesh material. These are advertised as athleisure rather than workout tights but use your own judgement. High quality fabric that stretches to add even more comfort too. I am wearing a size four. While a bit pricy at $108.00 they are definitely worth every penny to add to your collection.

Keeping it casual does not mean that you cannot accessorize. Add a classic wrist watch and a delicate necklace to create a thoughtful put together look. 

To finish off the look I am wearing the Chuck Taylor II’s in white. Do not ruin an outfit with the classic black, try white; they are easier to keep clean than you think. Having trouble believing me, check out my blog post on how I take care of mine, they are a year old now. 

Fall Boot Collection

Buckles of Country

Above are the oldest boots in my collection, at about four years old. These tend to get a lot of love during the fall season, however, Carlos Santana boots do not wear out easily. Knee high boots are definitely a staple for fall, I recommend a semi loose classic brown or black color. The buckles on the side provide a unique touch making them give off a cowboy boot vibe.

Fall Trend Report & Outfit Inspiration

Trend report

It is officially fall! My favorite time of the year, when the leaves fall and fashion starts to change. Above are the top colors forecasted by Pantone for the fall 2018 season. It is a palette I have gotten to know fairly well, since fashion designers use this source in the opposite season prior to its debut. I worked with this palette at the beginning of this year at university ha. My favorite has to be the either the Ultra Violet (light purple, 3rd bottom row) or the Valiant Poppy (red, 2nd top row). Source.