The Truth Behind | Fashion Hauls

Magazines, Pinterest, YouTube, and even the various people we cross paths with on the street spark inspiration for new trends, different styles and all things fashion. Recently, it has been brought to my attention that several famous youtubers and social media gurus spoke up about the fact that they buy items simply to use them as content. Fashion hauls are a huge part of this massive consumer issue of want, want, NEED. Titles such as “spending too much at Target” or “massive summer hauls” draw in a large crowd but why?

Costco Clothing |Review & Haul

Recently, I have been obsessed with shopping the clothing section at Costco. The deals are unbelievable but what about the quality overall? Whenever you shop no matter what the price tag says, there are a few things to check to make sure the tag matches the item’s quality worth. The type of material, origin it was made in, stitching and dying process all contribute to the actual garment’s quality rather than just paying for the brand itself.

Vineyard Vines Target| Try On Haul & Advice

Once the page loaded and all my favorite items from the Vineyard Vines Target Collab were sold out of, literally every size, I debated if it was even worth it to drive down to the store before the doors opened. Since most youtubers had their videos posted within hours of stores opening I wanted to add in my thoughts as to why a business as large as Target would make the “mistake” of running out of product that is clearly in demand.

Disneyland | Apparel & Snacks Haul

So… I may be obsessed with Disney merch because I have another haul from Disneyland. What can I say, I love the company and one day hope to design merchandise for them. Alright onto the haul, these are a few bits that I picked up recently to add to my collection.


Last summer I received the kids version of this shirt since they were sold out of the adult one. The children’s shirt fits well, it is just a different design. Since I suffer with anxiety Rex suits me well. ha. Pro Disney tip though, if you fit in the children’s sizes at the park they are a lot cheaper. Sometimes they even have the exact same design!


Lately I have been loving white, this sweatshirt seemed perfect as the sleeves are a mixed grey which will prevent me from being overly paranoid of it getting dirty. The sketch design is beautiful too! To view the front of this sweatshirt look at the featured image at the top if you are reading on the website, those on email you will need to click to head over to the site.


Yummy in my tummbly, I love Pooh bear and just like him my tummy loves SNACKS! These Minnie’s Sweet graham cookies are my new favorite snack from the park and best graham cookie I’ve ever tasted. I know you’ve seen the Cinderella bow before but I also got the Ariel version! Love these new light up bows, they bring a touch of fun to any hairdo.

What is your favorite Disneyland Park snack?

XOXO Faith

Gym Shark First Impressions | Spring Haul

For a while now I have been keeping an eye out on a couple of brands that I have yet to experience myself. After watching a couple of review videos online for the brand Gym Shark, it seemed to be a bad idea to try as most of them harped on the fact that most of their items were not squat proof and were prone to camel toe. Two qualities no one wants from their apparel, especially their active wear. Now that the company has been around for a couple years I was hoping that things would improve which is why I decided to give them a shot.

Included at the bottom is of course an in depth review of each item in “real time”, kind of.

The reason this was not a try on haul was mainly due to the fact that pieces did not fit or were too see through to show.

The Details…

Fitted Cropped Leggings Gel StickyCompression Aesthetic Tight at Ankle(could wear, not squat proof) XS Returned

Gym Shark $30.00

Color Block Sports Bra DurableComfortableRemovable PaddingAesthetic No StretchTight(could wear) XS Returned

Gym Shark $35.00

Color Block Leggings Thicker Material Aesthetic No StretchTight(not fit past calf…) S Returned

Gym Shark $45.00

Knot Front Skater Dress BreathableDouble Lined Bust & WaistAesthetic See Through Skirt Hard to Button S Kept

Roxy $60.00

Menswear Set ComfortableDurableAesthetic Top- Not AdjustableSkirt- Real Buttons         -No Stretch S Kept

Abercrombie $65.00

As what is one item you recently added to your collection or are hoping to purchase for this new season?

XOXO Faith

Petite Tips for Spring/ Summer |2019 Trends

Half Smocked Semi Crop

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 2.23.04 PM

Do the synched in waist for a fun detail this season, the wide shoulders in Luca’s version makes the waist appear even smaller with a girly country vibe. The Pac Sun version’s bring a more muted tone to the trend. For those that cannot deal with off the shoulder tops there is a cami option too. Overall a fun trend for everyone, including petite princesses. Style with either a skinny fitted bottom or even a loose flow one as the middle leaves room for exploration; the possibilities are endless.

Valentine’s Day Haul | Gift Ideas

Before jumping into this lovey dovey post there are a few things I would like to address. Firstly my sincere apologies for missing Wednesday’s post day. I was not in love with the content idea and never want to post something I am not excited for you all to see. On another note I am now back on instagram!! Yay!!

For my first ever blog I thought it would be fun to look back on this year’s Valentine’s Day festivities. Let’s be honest, this day is full of high exceptions where things normally do not go according to plan or well thought. To make the blog more interesting I also included a haul of everything I received. Most of them can carry over to be gift ideas for various occasions and relationships.

Let me know what you did this year and what your favorite gift was that you gave.

xoxo Faith