Swimsuits per Body Type

Many Youtubers have been wearing Albion Fit swimwear for the last couple of years raging about their high quality, modesty and overall chic style. Before jumping into this post, no, this post is not sponsored by Albion Fit. The key to feeling and looking confident in a swimsuit is knowing what body type you have and wearing a suit that excentuates it.

Looking on the website itself they have three categories to help customers choose the right suit: petite friendly, busty friendly, and long torso friendly. While this does not cover the wide array of body types out there it is a good start and excellent marketing stance. As your go to curly haired fashionista I am going to further assist you in picking out the best suit for each body type, don’t worry.

Floral Me Fit

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 10.10.02 AM

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 10.10.22 AM

This bikini is not on any of their guides so let me help ya’ll out here. The bold print and extra flowy top suits those with a smaller bust, it enhances the chest size while drawing the eye towards it and away from the midsection.  Perfect bikini bottoms anyone? Ruching side detail with the overall bunching on the midsection provides a flattering slimmer belly. Ugh… adding these to my cart now.

Icon Wave Crop, Messina $88                     Light Rust Ruched High-waisted Bottoms: $64.00

Stripe Me Lovely

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 10.11.17 AM

Also not included on the guides, this one is also perfect for those with a smaller chest but more of an overall rectangle figure. The tie detail on the front as well as the vertical stripes create a curvy figure. Notice the detail of the stripes on the side of the suit this is not a flaw! Creating the triangle lines on the side aid against a flat shape thus making the booty look larger than it is.

High Seas Off the Hook Top $88                       High Seas High Waisted Bottoms $64

Contrasting Waves

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 10.10.56 AM

Busty and petite this one is for you. The single slim vertical lines create a distraction to draw attention away from the bust. The horizontal midsection breaks apart the one piece    to mimic a longer torso. With the open back it also aids in the illusion of a longer torso plus the tie is a cute detail.

Bon Voyage One- Piece Swimsuit $128

Perfectly Petitie

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 10.10.46 AM

If you are tired of appearing flat in a one piece try one that ties in the front with a little peek a boo detail. Similar to the one previously mentioned, a cut detail in the front or back pairs well with petite princesses since it breaks up the top and bottom to produce longer lines. The large floral print also assists in drawing the eye up to the chest rather than towards the mid section.

Bronte Top Knot One-Piece $128

Ruch Me Baby

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 10.10.34 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 10.11.06 AM

On the list for both long torso and busty gals this one is too cute! Ruching on the front helps distract from both the midsection and bust, while prompting a shorter torso. Don’t worry, the straps can be pulled up or off the shoulder to provide support when you need it or a more girly flare. Go for larger prints whenever you want to distract from a long torso and for those petite princesses like me, run far away from this style.

The Maile Off Shoulder One-piece Swimsuit $128

The Bronte Off Shoulder One-piece Swimsuit $128


Disclaimer: All photos are from the Albion Fit’s website and all links provided are for your own value. This is in no way a sponsored post.

I hope this helped lovelies, comment down below your body type. 

As mentioned before I am a petite princess who always is one with the ruching for a smaller midsection. If you have any questions or requests let me know!

XOXO Faith

Avengers Endgame Premiere Lookbook

What a bitter sweet weekend coming up, augh!! The very last Avengers movie, I can not honestly believe the series will be over. To celebrate the finale I decided to make it extra special with a full on outfit and makeup inspired look. Lucky my sister is a bigger nerd than I am with Avenger movies so these were already in her shopping cart before coming up with this idea.  As I am not as diehard of a fan as my sister, I will most likely be wearing one of the shirts or sweatshirts for the premiere.


Captain Marvel








The Gangs all Here





Which character is your favorite in the series?

XOXO Faith


Work Style File | Lookbook

Since it has been awhile since my last style file or what I wore this week this seemed to be the perfect time. The weather around this neck of the woods in California has been a bit chilly with foggy rainy mornings and sunny afternoons. For a reference, it has been around 57-65 degrees Fahrenheit here. Considering the fact that it is required to wear closed toed shoes in the office I rarely wear heels unless they are boots. That being said I still uphold a semi relaxed formal attire. All of these looks include soft, warm yet breathable material to provide all day comfort.


Professional Ties

Material: Think giant sweatshirt dress yet more professional.



Practically Stylish & Playful | Lookbook

Staying creative is more of a release that I need in order to function, at least that is how it feels. For my first major sewing project since graduation I wanted to make something fun. From university I have collected a small array of material, which included this fun glow in the dark monsters print. Yes, I did use a pattern to ease back in, if you would like to know the exact number let me know.

My initial intentions were to create a nightgown, however it ended up being pretty versatile. At first place it may appear boring as it’s natural shape is similar to a classic moo moo. ha. In order to create a shape I played with various belts, jackets, and other accessories to truly alter it.

Using a wide belt forms a more fitting look compared to a slimmer one which makes a comfortable somewhat form fitting look, but not as dramatic. Adding a leather jacket for an edgy morning or evening outfit can completely change the feel of the dress. Whenever you have a bold piece in any outfit it is best to pair it with solids to balance out the look. Since the main color in this dress is black, a pair of white Converse is perfect for a playful yet stylish look. To dress it up add a basic heel and handbag with simple jewelry to finish it off.





Which one is your favorite?

–xoxo Faith

3 Ways to Style | Olivia Culpo Collection

Recently Express teamed up with Olivia Culpo to create this amazing collection centered around girl power. Truth moment, I had never heard of Olivia prior to seeing her pictures from this campaign. I gravitated toward this set with the intentions to use it in  both my personal and professional wardrobe. Your girl likes a good sale but I have realized with fashion I gravitate towards quality pieces that cost more but that I will also use more.

Disney Lookbook | Fan Girl

It is no secret that I love the famous ninety year old mouse named Mickey. Since I have added a couple new Disney pieces to my wardrobe I thought why not do a Disney inspired lookbook. This post is not sponsored in any way, however, it is a dream of mine to one day partner with Disney style or Shop Disney.



Although it looks as if this is a regular bow it is the coolest edition to my bow collection by far. This beauty lights up with multiple settings! Unfortunately, this may be a Disney park exclusive as I have yet to see them in any Disney merch store or site. My sister found it on her last trip to Disneyland so lucky for me. The bow comes with the statement that it is not possible to replace the batteries which is a bit disappointing. Overall the price point of around $13.99 is incredible in my opinion even if it isn’t replaceable, it is an outstanding quality bow itself.

This look started with the bow then a tiara because she’s a princess. This blue patterned dress paired with the faux fur mickey sweater encompassed Cinderella perfectly. The Steamboat booties from Clarks help to tone down this look making it both work and play appropriate.