Winter Style Book | 2020

First off happy new year! To kick this year of blogs off I wanted to highlight my favorite winter outfits. All of these looks are cozy, cute and affordable. I have provided the brands/ companies, however, there are no direct links since these styles are pretty popular. If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me a direct message.

Frilly Flirt



This muted pink dress is from Target. It is a versatile piece that can transition from around town errands to date night with a simple shoe switch. Pair with a dainty detailed necklace and either white Converse or booties. The tier drapery adds an extra splash of frilly fun as it drapes to create the illusion of long lines. The only con would be there are no pockets, which we all know I love me some hidden dress pockets. Do you feel extra excited when you find a cute piece with pockets?

Classically comfy


The one, the only, the sweatshirt dress! Finally I have found one that doesn’t include a side of buns. It has become a pet peeve when people wear a regular sweatshirt as a sweatshirt dress that doesn’t fully cover their butt. Simply size up if you are having an issue with the length. They are so soft so don’t miss out on this trend. This one is from Target and is the perfect length, plus it has a front pocket which adds an extra touch of classic chic without trying. A onesie is the closest thing I would compare it to except without the side eyes and constant judgement of wearing jammies in public. Ha.

Dino Yogi

Yet another great addition to my Dino tee shirt collection. There are many Dino yoga shirts, however this is the only one I have seen that does not highlight the struggle they would have. Torrid carries this particular one, which is plus sized brand. Imaddie simply tie it up either on the side or back. Pair with a high waist legging, chucks, and a dainty necklace or bracelet. Yoga bound or off to chill with some friends, the choice is yours.

XOXO Faith

Reusable Duster | Easy DIY

Eco friendly products have been around for a while and still I have yet to try any. Similar to other popular items, there always seems to be a settle label “tax”. For instance, items that never had any gluten are suddenly sporting a gluten free sticker and a shiny new price tag. All the fashion trends seem to follow a similar formation of how to raise prices when the demands rises to increase it’s business.

The Truth Behind | Fashion Hauls

Magazines, Pinterest, YouTube, and even the various people we cross paths with on the street spark inspiration for new trends, different styles and all things fashion. Recently, it has been brought to my attention that several famous youtubers and social media gurus spoke up about the fact that they buy items simply to use them as content. Fashion hauls are a huge part of this massive consumer issue of want, want, NEED. Titles such as “spending too much at Target” or “massive summer hauls” draw in a large crowd but why?

Costco Clothing |Review & Haul

Recently, I have been obsessed with shopping the clothing section at Costco. The deals are unbelievable but what about the quality overall? Whenever you shop no matter what the price tag says, there are a few things to check to make sure the tag matches the item’s quality worth. The type of material, origin it was made in, stitching and dying process all contribute to the actual garment’s quality rather than just paying for the brand itself.

Easy Curly Hair Hairstyles

As a member of the curly hair club I wanted to share with you five trendy hairstyles. These will all work no matter what your hair type is however, I am trying them all out on my natural curly hair. All of these styles were experimented on day two hair. Dirty hair is easier to work with than day one when it comes to styling at least. All of these looks are practical since each one keeps your hair out of your face while still being effortlessly on trend.

Follow the Tutorial Below to each Hairstyle

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What is your favorite way to style your own hair?

XOXO Faith


Vineyard Vines Target| Try On Haul & Advice

Once the page loaded and all my favorite items from the Vineyard Vines Target Collab were sold out of, literally every size, I debated if it was even worth it to drive down to the store before the doors opened. Since most youtubers had their videos posted within hours of stores opening I wanted to add in my thoughts as to why a business as large as Target would make the “mistake” of running out of product that is clearly in demand.