Face Masks | Info & Tutorials

It’s an usual post day, however, I am feeling a bit fuzzy about what to post these days. To be honest my schedule has shifted a lot and I’m sure many of yours has as well. I never thought my work would be considered essential but yes I have been working throughout all the craziness. Man oh 0man do I have stories for you guys… perhaps once the dust settles I will post a video of all the things that have happened lately while at work. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in some work stories from this pandemic season.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all about mask making because I am now wearing masks daily to work as rules and regulations require it. As regulatons keep evolving in some places you might have to wear a mask so here are some tips on how to equip yourself. Before diving in, a quick disclaimer, I am not a doctor just a fellow fashionista.

What materials are good for mask making?

Recommended by the CDC and fellow healthcare workers is to use 100% cotton material with a tight weave. For a quick check hold the fabric up to the light, the less amount of light you can see, the more effective it will be. However, keep in mind that you still need the material to be breathable as well. The less pores in the material the better, do not knit a mask, please. Yes I have seen people wearing knitted masks, which provides false protection.

Repurpose an old pillowcase, teeshirt, or sheet. For the core use a middle layer of cotton if you cannot get your hands on interfacing or muslin. If you wear glasses, a mask can make you feel like an angry dragon, the struggle is real trying to make it through a shift with fogged up glasses. Try adding a piece of wire to contour the mask and prevent access air from moving upward thus avoiding the fog up. This can be a paper clip, floral wire, pipe cleaners, get creative.

No Sewing Machine?

Try fabric glue, rubber bands or intricate folds. There are numerous  tutorials on how to make a mask with no sewing required. There is no reason to line up at a fabric store or wait months for a mask to come in the mail from on online retailer. It is confusing to me that people will wait in line for hours during this pandemic to make masks. Honestly I think even non craft lovers have all the necessary supples at the ready laying around the house.

My  Favorite Handmade Mask Tutorials

Have you made any masks? 
I want to see! Show me in the comments or send me a message with photos of your creations.

XOXO Faith

Mental Test Log| Set Yourself Up for Success

This week I wanted to test myself mentally and I encourage you to do the same if you have been in a slump as well. There is no right or wrong way to do this either, so tweak it as much as you need to. My test was to set two goals and see how I would respond to them knowing that I was making myself accountable by thus throwing the data on the internet. If this is too drastic tell a friend daily or have a weekly log in instead. This is to motivate you as well as myself. I also have provided some resources to check out if your goals are similar to mine.

Goal # 1: Learning A Language

logo-with-duo.pngI committed to spend 15 minutes at the minimum practicing my Spanish. For this I made it really easy by allowing myself to lay in bed in the morning and practice with the duolingo app (it is free). They do sectional learning so one day it may be focused on traveling or family vocabulary. They also have a function that tells you a mini story in Spanish aloud and then it has questions throughout it to focus on learning comprehension.

To further progress I started writing down the main words of each lesson everyday as well as words that I struggled with that day. Another good thing about this app besides it being free is the fact that it listens to you while you practice speaking certain phrases.

I actually kept this goal by doing it every day! It was more attainable because I set a time to do it every morning as well as I knew it was only 15minutes. Little goals like this make a difference.  It was daunting for me to set the bar by carving out an entire hour which is why I made it only 15 minutes. Most days I even went over the time frame.

The app has several different languages to choose from so check it out if you want to learn another language.

Goal #2: Physical

bright close up color colorful

Towards the beginning of the week I took the time to write down five full workouts to complete within the week. In the log, I included an area to write down the number of rounds as well as if I completed the outlined warmup each day. Instead of feeling tiown to this schedule I knew there would most likely be something or another that would alter it so I went in with the mindset of Dana. She is an Instagram influencer that preaches a one round philosophy. You always have time to do one round and often times that one round turns into more. She has several workout videos to follow along and to top it off they are minimal impact so no jumping or running required.

So… how’d I do, well not the best but not the worst. Instead of highlighting all the excuses my head came up with this week to talk myself out of working out here are the actual facts and sets I completed. I have included a link to each workout I completed; simply click on the set name to be directed to that specific workout by Dana. A plus means I added or changed a move.

Sunday: Nope.


I combined Sunday’s with Monday’s, it was killer. For all the exercises, I used my ankle weights as dumbbells.

Warm Up: 20 Modified Slow Mt. Climbers. 20 Side Dips. 20 Modified Commandos. 20 Alternating Reverse Lunches to High Knee. 10 Squat Taps.

Chest Set: 30 Squat Hold Alternating Punches…15 Laying Around the World…15 Chest Press…15 Push Ups…15 Chest Press with an Overhead Extension. (2 Rounds)

Muffin Top: 15 ea. side Standing Cross Crunches… 20 ea. side Squat Cross Overs… 15 ea. side Single Leg Dead Lifts… 20 Alternating Bridge Hold Leg Lifts… 15 Opposite Arm Ext. (2 rounds)


15 Minute Stretch + House Work Workout (Yes, it counts)


Stretch Warmup. Lean Legs: 15 ea. Side Reverse Kicks… 15 ea. Side Leg Lifts… 30 Calf raises… + 15 ea. Side Ballet Leg Pivots. (hold one leg over the floor, point your foot, pivot your leg back and forth by moving your leg at the hip only) … *15 ea. Side Ballet Fondu … 15 ea. Side Kneeling Leg Openers. (2 rounds)

Thursday: Nope.


Back Sculpt: 10 ea. Side Thread the Needle… 10 ea. Side Single Leg Deadlift… 12 ea. Side Bent over Rows (with weight) … 10 ea. Side Arm Leg ext… 10 ea. Side Bent Over Fly. (with weight) *10 Egyptians (Place arms straight out to your sides, bend the elbows and rotate the hands behand your back, reaching for the middle and repeat. (2 rounds)


Glutes: 15 ea. Side Donkey Kicks… 15 ea. Side Laying Leg ext… 15 ea. Side Fire Hydrants… 15 ea Side Rainbows… 15 ea. Side Squat Side Kicks. (rounds 2)

What goals are you working on this week?

XOXO Faith

How to: Clean White Shoes

Spring is coming, which means it is the official season for white shoes. Mine get used all year around but now especially they will be starting to rack up some heavy mileage. So… it’s time to take them out of storage but they do not look as good as you remembered? Before you jet off to the store for a new pair take a moment to revive some life back into them.

For a little reference, as to if this really works, this specific pair of white Converse has been in use for about two to three years. Yes, parts have worn done, however, unless they suddenly break a hole there is no need for them to be replaced. When I first received these shoes, I did spray them down with DetraPel, yet they still get, well a bit gross. Don’t worry, these tips do not require you to first use DetraPel in order to receive lasting results. It is never too late to show a little love to your favorite shoes. Plus you probably have all the items in your house right now. No, special products or gimmicks here.

Step #1: Baby Wipes

First unlace each shoe and remove the laces to allow full exposure of the base of each shoe. Baby wipes are gentle yet effective for removing that first layer of nastiness. No, this will not immediately make the shoes white, but it is the first step to having great results. Don’t have baby wipes, no problem, simply use a wet paper towel with a drop of soap.

Step #2: Clorox

This is a harsher product; however, it is very effective. Watch the rubber sides of your shoes magically turn white. You can also wipe the canvas of the shoes with this, but if you are cleaning shoes that are not, wipe test it on the inner part of the shoe first.

Step #3: Bleach (NO!)

You may be thinking why don’t you just use bleach,  it makes whites whiter right? Wrong, it all depends on the chemistry of the fabric; it may end up turning the fabric a yellow or brown color. Eww!! White Converse are not a fan of bleach, I tried it. You will see in the video parts of the shoes turned colors where I tested the bleach. Try the inner side or the tongue before you go crazy, it took a while for mine to turn colors so wait for the test area to fully dry before moving further.

Step #4: Rubba Dub Dub

Toss them in the washer, before you say eww no, remember you’ve already taken off a majority of the nastiest parts of the shoes in the other steps. If you cannot stomach the thought of washing your shoes where you wash your delicate items simply wash the washing machine afterwards with a machine cleaner,here is one by Tide (this is not an affiliate link). Also throw in the shoe laces to get them nice and clean as well.

Step #5: Drying

No, the shoes do not go in the dryer, simply stuff some paper towels or a cloth inside each shoe and make sure it is packed tightly. Set them aside for a couple of hours or overnight to dry, to speed up the drying time replace the paper towels or cloth every couple of hours to allow maximum absorption.

Lace up your shoes and they are ready to be worn with a fancy dress or well anywhere because they look pretty darn new.


Watch the full tutorial here!

XOXO Faith



So… you hate your job. |Fighting for ME


Through the ages we are constantly quizzed on who we are and what we long to become, but it all halts after a couple decades. It then becomes this daunting anxious energy of if I see this or that person will they ask the question? Often, I fall into this pit too wondering when I go places who will ask me, what is your job? Something so simple yet it can change the way you feel about yourself and sadly how you view others subconsciously.
It’s as if once you graduate there is this timer, where if you do not complete the mission in 0 to 60 you’ve failed. People say oh it’s fine you’ll get there eventually but most of the time you can feel that it isn’t exactly genuine. Then there are the blunt people who are considered rude yet they utter what you’ve secretly been asking yourself. “Look at you now, graduated and doing this”, it’s a mocker yet you cannot be too upset since you do it to yourself too.

Why do jobs define people so heavily, it’s similar to the ring status as well. Before you get
engaged people hound you as to why you’re still single. After you get engaged it is all about when the wedding will be and, why are you’re not married yet. Next, it’s all about when you’ll pop out your first child, then the second. It’s this never ended pressure that society has drilled into us. So, how do we step away from the mold and exist happily without the constant comparisons?

I wish I had all the answers, but I honestly don’t. However, don’t give up on me just yet! Here’s the thing, when you feel this way, and trust me most people reach this point, unfortunately. First remember you’re not the only one. Once you realize this it becomes a choice of if you will let society define your happiness based off of cash flow or marital status. Only you can decide what you allow to have an effect on you.

So, your job sucks you and want to move past it, but how?
You could simply seek out a new job but the truth is there will always be people who hate what they do regardless of what paycheck they receive. People either do the job because they love it or for the paycheck, let’s be honest. Stepping past this here are some other things to implement.

Wake Up & Love
Find a reason to get up in the morning that makes you radiate happiness, this could be a hobby or well anything. No, Netflix does not count. An example could be crafting, baking, dancing etc. Once you figure it out write it down as part of your daily to do list. If it starts to feel like a chore to do it daily then start with twice or once a week at the same time every week, make it a habit.

For me it is creating, so I subscribed to a program that offers lessons on different projects and much more. It is an outlet that sparks joy for me. At first my focus was on how much I needed to learn in order to make a profit from crafting. In actuality, the focus should be having been on the joy it brought rather than turning everything into cash flow. Yes, you can make a business from your hobby but once you make it the sole purpose it brings forth a new pressure and zaps the happiness right out of it.

Move It, Move it!
Move in some way four times a week. If exercise isn’t your forte try something different like dancing, walking or yoga. Don’t feel trapped into a cycle of feeling as if it must be an hour event of all cardio and sadness. I hate running so I’m not going to put running as an option. It makes my legs itchy and nothing about it makes me or my body feel good. Instead I would rather do body weight training or dancing.

Decrease Feelings of Isolation
Isolation can cause mental illness, so connect with someone, it could be weekly or daily. Start smaller and move up if needed. Hang out at a coffee shop, facetime, send a funny video, snapchat, anything counts. The topic does not need to be on life’s meaning or anything heavy either. Try something new with someone who is an expert at it. Simply communicate.
The daily questionnaire.
Ask a loved one or journal these questions on a daily basis.
#1: What is one positive thing that happened today?
#2: What is one thing I did to improve someone else’s day?
#3: What is one thing I wish I did differently?

Let me know what you think,
XOXO Faith

Christmas Budget

Costco Haul & Review-11

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year but they can also wear out your credit card. Don’t want to be greeted with a bill in the new year? Follow my guide to holiday shopping.

  1. Homework.

Yes, if you want to save money it will require some work and a little time. Don’t worry, I am not talking about making your gifts with things around the house. Create a list of every person you want to give a gift to. Figure out a specific dollar amount that is practical to spend overall, this will be the maximum amount of money you CAN afford to spend. Either divide up the budget evenly or create specific mini budgets for each person.

Blueland Update|Worth it?

After publishing the Blueland review I decided to reach out to the company about my main concern regarding the products. If you missed that review click here.

The Conversation:

Breana Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 6:49 PM
To: help@blueland.com


I am a bit puzzled on what to do. I loved the products, however, the bottles have started cracking. In late August I received the starter kit as a birthday gift, less than two months later two out of the three bottles have cracked all the way through. I do not recall dropping them, my fiancee suggested that they cracked due to the bottles expanding in the heat (we have no ac). Then again if it was from the heat why didn’t all three crack.
I was going to repurchase the two bottles that broke but I do not want them to keep cracking as it defeats the purpose of them being reusable if I have to keep replacing them.
Thank you for your time,

Blueland Review

Earth friendly products have been in the forefront of the media for a majority of this year and lately Blueland has been buzzing. Blueland is a company that prides themselves on creating a product that is sustainable inside and out down to the packaging. It is all about reducing plastic and recycling cleaning supply containers. The formula itself gloats on its ability to be not only eco friendly but also pet friendly, pregnancy friendly, and kid friendly. A concept of a tablet to eliminate dumping bottle after bottle into the landfill is a relatively new one yet is it worth it to make the switch?

Budgeting 101| Freebie

Adulting always seems as if you’ll be jumping into this magical fairy tale where you get to paint the walls without permission. Then you get there and realize all the negatives that align with them such as figuring out how to afford all the paint.ha. I’ve learned a lot in a short window of time but budgeting has always been a part of me, it’s fun. A game you cannot afford to lose, quite literally.

Birthday Freebies + Haul

We discussed how hauls can be destructive but also informative a bit ago. It is that time of year again… my BIRTHDAY!!! Yay! For my birthday haul this year I have collected even more freebie information for you guys to bank on for your birthday as well as a collective haul of what I received from friends and family.