PACAS Socks Review

Alpacas are one of the softest and cutest animals out there. Their fur makes exquisite high quality products too so when I learned that there was a brand that made socks from alpaca fur I knew I wanted to try them. Not only is their fluff soft but it also has insulating superpowers to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. While I did read reviews and some people were unamused that the socks are not 100% alpaca made, it is still the main ingredient. I believe in transparency though and believe that the company should in fact make the percentages public on the website so people are not misled. It is smart marketing though as they are not technically promising all alpaca either so I get the reasoning. 

At the bottom of this post you will find the video review for the socks from PACAS but here on the blog I wanted to share my review on their customer service/ order experience. Upon making the purchase I did as most of us do, checked the reviews where there were thousands of five stars raving about them. After that we purchased the socks for Christmas gifts, on December 4th. The website states a 2-7 business day turn around which meant it had plenty of time to get here by Christmas. By the second week we reached out to the company thinking it was merely a holiday slowdown that caused them to fall behind. Once the third week came and went with no reply from their “customer service team” I took to social media. At this point the thought that this company was a fake started to loom around. 

The next step was to head to their social media accounts, Facebook, instagram etc. to message them directly. This is where the reviews were that were below the five stars of folks voicing similar issues. Some had success months later and other were forgotten. After spending $100 on socks one would expect a simple reply from the company to put their mind at bay. With no reply in sight I wrote to them via their socials since they appeared to keep posting to promote customers to buy. Why have a social team promote business you cannot keep up with though. It makes no sense to have a large base of customers if you cannot provide the services to the amount of people you are attracting. 

Yet again no reply, by now Christmas and New Years had passed.  I emailed the company and requested to cancel my order but still there was no reply.  There was one option left, the Better Business Bureau. Pacas has a three out of five with most of the complaints filed getting solved. Instead of writing out a complaint I called the number and was told that I would be getting a refund. There was no real dispute as so many other customers had the same issue previously. Months later we had forgotten about the socks fiasco and suddenly they appeared at the door. To ask the company what had happened would be yet another frustrating matter as they had never replied to the previous attempts. We kept the socks and well they are great to say the least. My father loved his so much that we decided to create another order. This time we were ready to wait however long it would take now that we knew that they were in fact legitimate. However, within about a week the socks had arrived. This was at the end of February. My advice for those who are wanting to try this company is to do so but know that if you order near the holidays it may be a while. I never received a reply but I assume that the company got backed up after Black Friday sales and spiraled from there. My hope is that they have adapted and learned from it and are back and better than ever on the sales front. 

Let me know if you’ve tried alpaca socks and what you think about them? Check out the sock review below.

 XOXO Faith

No Issue Custom Rubber Stamp Unboxing & Review

Graphic design has always had a spot in my heart which is why I have always wanted a custom made rubber stamp. Yes, you can print any graphic but there is something about a tangible stamp and ink pad that makes me feel official. It’s silly but this thing has been in my wish list for several occasions so I am happy to finally have one. For Christmas I received this one from my sister and at first I was honestly a bit disappointed because it is so small. Originally I had wanted the larger custom stamp but now that I have the mini I am pleasantly surprised at how useful it is. Although I do have the larger edition in the mail as well I am so excited to finally test out No Issues stamps.

Years Review Kuru | Best Way to Clean White Shoes

New Years is often referred to as a time to reset: goals, expectations, habits and also to get organized. One part of getting organized is to clean my shoes which is why I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share an update on my KURU shoes. Yes, I did do an initial review but now that it has been about two years I thought it would be helpful to show how they have held up thus far. The reason I am only highlighting the Roam pair is because they have been my go-to pair. Since these are my daily shoes they are also extremely dirty which is why I am showing how/if they can be saved. In other words will they be yard shoes or continued daily wear shoes. Currently they are an eye sore so I am hoping they can be revived to an almost new appearance in the best case scenario.

Stain Remover Wars

Stains can be annoying and somehow thrilling whenever you find the perfect cure all. Either you walk around cautiously  or only wear dark clothes to lower the percentage of ever coming into contact with a spot that ruins your favorite outfit. Although I have reviewed stain removers in the past I wanted to see which one was the absolute best. I’m constantly trying new spot removers for items I’m selling on Poshmark as well as for items I love such as the sweater in the video below with several mystery spots. In the tutorial below I will be testing: Zout, homemade paste, Grandma’s Spot Remover, and Clorox Bleach for Colors. 

Pour the Tea | Tea Party Taste Test

While this is far different from any content I have done, I wanted to document this occasion and share with you all my first official tea party. As part of a fund raiser a group was throwing a COVID tea party. Usually they would do it in person, however due to regulations in our area it was not possible. Although we had not participated in the past we thought it would be fun thing to try. For the past two years a lot has changed so it was fun to try something new and break out our mom’s fancy tea set for the first time. As you can imagine the set was coated with dust. After we washed up two dish settings we decided to take out a three tier dessert tower and really make the experience special. 

Unboxing Review | Invisibobble + Thomas Kinkade

Happy holidays everyone! Does anyone else hear Jack Skeleton’s voice (from the ride) when anyone says this? Wanted to create a short post on my favorite cyber deals this year. These are strictly the deals that I used on purchases for myself so that I could test them out. First was on a random Target trip when I spotted the Thomas Kinkaide puzzles, instantly I assumed they would be $25-30+ as they were Disney. There were no price tags for them so I simply passed by them the first time I saw them. The next trip I decided to pick one up and see how much they were with the self scanner. Once it rang up for $4.99 I was shocked and skipped my way back to the Disney section to get more. Altogether it was $15 for twelve 500 piece puzzles which is crazy even if they weren’t Disney. I believe it started a new holiday tradition as well, to spend time putting together puzzles whether it be on a Saturday or even 15 minutes after work. 

Kuru Footwear Review

When I was little during pool parties the other kids were always amazed that my foot prints were almost a perfect foot. They thought it was cool but I knew even then that it wasn’t something to be proud of but rather it meant issues to come. Fast forward to high school where I got knocked down by a swinging door in high heels which lead to my first foot surgery. Currently, I still have issues with my feet so one night I started doing research because to be honest, yes there are shoes out there to help your feet but the majority are hideous. As a young adult I feel that is a major problem with the footwear market since if they do not look cute they will not be worn until years down the line when severe damage is already done. 

Unboxing Brother PE550D + New Brothread

This one has been a long time coming and I could not be more excited to share this new journey with you all. Branching into a new form of art is always a learning curve so it is expected that it will come with mass frustrations alongside joy. First I want to address the mass inflation that has been happening in the crafting world, since people are still jumping onto the hands on art of creating, companies are fluctuating prices so make sure to do some research if you too are looking to start a new craft.

Mic Review & Comparison | Tzumi

Sound can be a make it or break it issue for a lot of avenues which is why I am reviewing an external microphone. There is no bigger let down than watching back a video with a mysterious buzzing sound or someone sneezing in the distance. On the mark there are thousands of external microphones to choose from so here are some things to look for while browsing.

Brookstone Ring Light | Unboxing & Review

Happy new year! To kick off this year I have decided to do a two part review on two different products that I am testing out for filming equipment. This week’s is for the ever famous ring light. Ring lights can be very expensive which is what has set me back from adding one to my gear. However, if you switch over to looking at ring lights specifically made for phones they are a bit cheaper. The features I was looking for were a bluetooth remote, brightness settings (the ability to dim), a flexible height range and under fifty dollars. After a bit of searching I found the Brookstone 10” Bluetooth shutter Ring Light. It retails for $59.99 but was on sale for $29.97 when I purchased it. Prior to the light arriving at my doorstep my sister purchased one from Home Goods for around ten dollars so of course I was intrigued to see what the major differences would be.